I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Before coming to Illinois, I was a Simons Postdoctoral Fellow in Mathematical Biology at the University of Pennsylvania, working with Yoichiro Mori and Joshua Plotkin. I received a PhD in Applied and Computational Mathematics from Princeton University, where I was advised by Simon Levin. 

My research primarily consists of using PDEs, dynamical systems, and stochastic processes to study the dynamics of populations. Recently, I have been focusing on models of multilevel selection and evolutionary game theory, as well as exploring collective behavior and pattern formation in ecological and social systems.

This year, I am helping to co-organize the Mathematical Biology Seminar at Illinois.

Contact Info

Email: dbcoone2@illinois.edu

Twitter: @DanielCooney1

You can also find more about my papers on Google Scholar or ResearchGate.

Upcoming Activities

  • April 5: Mathematics Colloquium, George Mason University
  • April 6-7: AMS Eastern Sectional Meeting, Howard University
    • Co-organizing special session on “Mathematics of Infectious Disease: A Session in Memory of Dr. Abdul Aziz-Yakubu” (with Abba Gumel and Chadi Saad-Roy)
    • Speaking in special session on “Complex Systems in the Life Sciences”
  • May 4-5: AMS Western Sectional Meeting, San Francisco State University
    • Co-organizing special session on “Mathematical Modeling of Complex Ecological and Social Systems” (with Mari Kawakatsu and Chadi Saad-Roy)
  • May 6: Mathematical Biology Seminar, University of California, Davis
  • June 10-12: SIAM Conference on Mathematics of Planet Earth
    • Co-organizing minisymposium on “Mathematical Modeling of Social-Ecological Systems” (with Chadi Saad-Roy)