ECE 590B Seminars


February 6, 2018, Drs. Doug Jachowski and Robert Hammond, Resonant Inc. Analysis of Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Devices: Techniques, Challenges and Opporturnities


January 31, 2017, Dr. Ilker Capoglu, Sensor Physics, WPS, A Review of Electromagnetic Sensing Theory and its Applications in the Energy Industry

February 7, 2017, Dr. Martin Zimmerman, Commscope, Advances in Base Station Antennas

September 26, 2017, Prof. Zongfu Yu, University of Wisconsin-Madison, A new application and the fundamental limit of wave dynamics in resonant interactions


February 9, 2016, Dr. Kshitija Deshpande, Virginia Tech, SIGMA model and its application in GPS remote sensing of high latitude ionosphere

February 23, 2016, Vakhtang Jandieri, Fulbright Visiting Scholar, University of Illinois, Modal Analysis of Wave Guidance by a Periodic Chain of Circular Rods

March 29, 2016, Dr. Raluca Ilie, University of Michigan, The ion-neutral dynamics in the Earth’s inner magnetosphere

October 18, 2016, Josiane Zerubia, INRIA, Burnt Area Detection After A Forest Fire From A Single Post-Fire SPOT 5 Satellite Image by SVM Techniques

December 6, 2016, Prof. Seebany Datta-Barua, Illinois Institute of Technology, Mapping Material Transport in the Upper Atmosphere


February 10, 2015, Huang-Ting Meng, University of Illinois, Investigation of General-Purpose Computing on Graphics Processing Units and its Application for the Finite Element Method

March 4, 2015, Weng Cho Chew, University of Illinois, (CSE Seminar) Sesquicentennial Year of Maxwell’s Equations and Computational Electromagnetics

March 10, 2015, Sir John Pendry, Imperial College London, (ECE Dept Sponsored) Metamaterials, Transformation Optics, and the Science of Invisibility

April 7, 2015, Dr. Edmund K. Miller, Los Alamos National Laboratory (retired), An Exploration of Radiation Physics


February 17, 2014, Prof. Madhavan Swaminathan, Georgia Tech, Devices, Circuits, Packages and Systems Understanding their Interplay for Managing Signal, Power and Thermal Integrity

February 25, 2014, Prof. Gabriel Popescu, University of Illinois, Solving scattering inverse problems using a microscope

March 11, 2014, Prof. Erhan Kudeki, University of Illinois, Incoherent Scatter Radar Probing of the Low-Latitude Ionosphere

April 15, 2014, Prof. Kevin Webb, Purdue University, Electromagnetic Forces and Optical Nanotweezers

April 29, 2014, Prof. Karl Warnick, Brigham Young University, The Updated 2013 IEEE Standard for Antenna Terms: Figures of Merit for Active Antenna Arrays

September 23, 2014, Dr. Ethan Wang, UCLA, Multiferroic Antennas: Electromagnetic Radiation Mediated by Acoustic Waves

September 30, 2014, Dr. Ada Poon, Stanford University, Engineering near-field interactons with body for powering bioelectronics medicines

October 7, 2014, Sourajeet Roy, Colorado State University, Non-Intrusive Polynomial Chaos Approaches with Waveform Relaxation for Rapid Exploration of Large Dimensional Random Spaces in Interconnect and Packaging Simulation

October 14, 2014, Joseph Kotulski, Sandia National Laboratories, Computational Electromagnetics at Sandia National Laboratories – Current Code Capability

October 21, 2014, Andrew Greenwood, AFRL, High Performance Computing Software Applications Institute on High Power Microwaves

November 4, 2014, Dr. Mojtaba Fallahpour, University of Illinois, Miniaturiezed Reconfigurable Antennas to Address Requirements of Emerging Technologies

December 9, 2014, Prof. Lara Waldrop, University of Illinois, Sensing the time-varyingstate of the space plasma environment around Earth


January 29, 2013, Prof. Milton Feng, University of Illinois, Transistor Laser for Optical Interconnect

February 12, 2013, Dr. Brian Kent, Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Characterization of Space Shuttle Ascent Debris Based on Radar Scattering and Ballistic Properties – Evolution of the NASA Debris Radar (NDR) System

February 19, 2013, Prof. Meisong Tong, Tongi University, Meshless Schemes for Solving Volume Integral Equations in Electromagnetics

March 5, 2013, Prof. Xudong Chen, National University of Singapore, Subspace-based Optimization Methods for Solving Inverse Scattering Problems

March 12, 2013, Dr. Apo Sezginer, KLA Tencor, EUV Lithography: Star Wars Technology to Fit One More Song on Your iPod

April 9, 2013, Juan S. Ochoa, University of Illinois, Stochastic Modeling Techniques in Computational Electromagnetics Applications

April 23, 2013, Dr. Pierdavide Coisson, University of Illinois, Ionosphere and tsunamis: how the upper atmosphere senses phenomena occurring at the Earth’s surface

April 30, 2013, Phillip Atkins, University of Illinois, The Casimir Force and its Calculation Using Traditional Computational Electromagnetic Solvers

August 2, 2013, Dr. Davi Correia, Molex Inc., (Special Seminar) Technical Challenges and Innovative Solutions for Signal Integrity

August 21, 2013, Prof. Siddharth Ramachandran, Boston University, (Special Seminar) Scaling Network Capacity by Twisting light

September 13, 2013, Levent Gurel, Bilkent University, Parallel-MLFMA Solutions of Large-Scale Problems Involving Dielectric and Composite Metamaterial Structures

September 25, 2013, Prof. Kent D. Choquette, University of Illinois, Coherently Coupled VCSEL Arrays

October 2, 2013, Rongkuo Zhao, Imperial College, London, Fluctuation Induced Electromagnetic Interactions between Nanostructures

October 8, 2013, Prof. Mats Gustafsson, Lund University Sweden, Convex Optimization for Optimal Design and Analysis of Small Antennas

October 15, 2013, Prof. Caicheng Lu, University of Kentucky, Simulation of Electromagnetic Scattering and Transmission of Array of Honeycomb or Honeycomb-Like Dielectric Elements

October 22, 2013, Prof. Jonathan Makela, University of Illinois, Global Navigation Satellite Systems: Not Just for Positioning Anymore

November 12, 2013, Prof. Andreas Kloeckner, University of Illinois, Quadrature by Expansion: A New Method for the Evaluation of Layer Potentials


February 7, 2012, Prof. Luke Olson, University of Illinois, On generalizing multigrid solvers for more robust computation

February 14, 2012, Xiaolei Li, University of Illinois, Comparative Study of Three Finite-Element Time-Domain – Based Domain – Decomposition Schemes and Modeling of Frequency-Dispersive Media in the Dual-Field Domain-Decomposition

February 21, 2012, Prof. Vladimir Okhmatovski, University of Manitoba, Inverse Problems: Elimination of Ill-Posedness through Choice of the Media

February 28, 2012, Wang Yao, University of Illinois, An Efficient Parallel Domain Decomposition Method for Solving Low-Frequency Electromechanical and Electromagnetic Problems

March 13, 2012, Dr. Jimning Song, Iowa State University, Integral Equation Analysis of Wave Propagation in Periodic Structures

April 3, 2012, Frank Falco, PhD, Riverside Research, Hierarchical Adaptive Cross Approximation Solution for Fast EM Calculations

April 9, 2012, Prof. Levent Gurel, Bilkent University, Novel and Effective Preconditioners for Iterative and Parallel MLFMA Solvers

April 17, 2012, Prof. Fatih Erden, Turkish Naval Academy, Evolutionary Approach to Electromagnetic Theory in Time-Domain

April 24, 2012, Patrick Goh, University of Illinois, A fast multi-purpose circuit simulator using the latency insertion method

May 1, 2012, Mingfeng Xue, University of Illinois, Nonconformal FETI-DP Methods and Optimized Schwarz Methods for Large-Scale Electromagnetic Simulation

September 11, 2012, Prof. Jin-Fa Lee, Ohio State University, CEM Algorithms For Multi-Scale ElectroDynamic Problems: Scattering and Radiation

October 9, 2012, Dr. Melba Crawford, Purdue University, Classification of Hyperspectral Data: Exploiting the Opportunities and Mitigating the Challenges of High Dimensionality

October 23, 2012, Duixian Liu, IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY, Aperture-Coupled Patch Antenna Designs for 60-GHz Package Applications

December 4, 2012, Prof. James Coleman, University of Illinois, The Development of the Semiconductor Laser Diode after the First Demonstration in 1962


January 25, 2011, Prof. Jennifer Bernhard, University of Illinois, Advanced Antennas: Enabling Fundamentally New Functionality in Cognitive and Software-Defined Radios

February 8, 2011, Jacob Adams, University of Illinois, Analysis, Design, and Fabrication of Electrically Small Antennas Using Characteristic Modes

February 15, 2011, Prof. Jont Allen, University of Illinois, Impedance, its definition and role in physics and engineering (Is it Fundamentally Misunderstood?)

February 22, 2011, Prof. Vladimir Okhmatovski, University of Manitoba, Barnes-Hut Algorithm: From Stellar Dynamics to Computational Electromagnetics

March 1, 2011, Kwang Jin Koh, Broadcom Corporation, State-of-the-Art Integrated Phased Array Designs in Silicon Technologies

March 8, 2011, Dmitri Klokotov, University of Illinois, Application of Finite-difference Algorithms to the Analysis of Circuit Interconnects

March 15, 2011, Prof. Michal Lipson, Cornell University, Manipulating Light on Chip

April 5, 2011, Prof. Dan Jiao, Purdue University, A Rigorous Full-Wave Solution of Maxwell’s Equations from Zero Frequency to High Frequencies

April 19, 2011, Prof. Ali Yilmaz, University of Texas, Austin, Fast Integral Equation Methods for BIOEM in the Petascale Era: Kilo Cores, Mega Codes, Giga Equations, Tera Bytes, and Peta Multiplications

April 26, 2011, Dr. Tayfun Ozdemir, Virtual EM Inc., Disruptive Technology Development in the areas of Wireless Sensors, Smart Antennas and Compuational Electromagnetics (CEM)

May 6, 2011, Prof. Edward Yung, City University of Hong Kong, Wave scattered from and wave penetration into a human head, a heterogeneous by-anisotropic body of arbitrary shape, due to an antenna in proximity

August 30, 2011, Su Yan, University of Illinois, Calderon Technique Based Integral Equation Methods in Computational Electromagnetics

September 6, 2011, Ata Zadehgol, University of Illinois, Efficient FDTD Modeling of the Impact of Fine-Feature Statistical Variability on the Electromagnetic Response of Multi-scale Structures

September 13, 2011, Prof. Vitaliy Lomakin, University of California, San Diego, High-performance electromagnetic and micromagnetic simulators

September 20, 2011, Prof. Marinos Vouvakis, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Are robust and scalable domain decomposition electromagnetic solvers possible?

September 27, 2011, Prof. B. Shanker, Michigan State University, Generalized Method of Moments: A flexible discretization scheme for integral equations using locally smooth surface approximations

October 4, 2011, Dr. Branislav Notaros, Colorado State University, Diakoptic Approach to Electromagnetic Modeling Based on Higher Order Method of Moments and Finite Element Method

October 11, 2011, Prof. Danilo Erricolo, University of Illinois at Chicago, RF tomography for underground imaging

October 18, 2011, Dr. Jun Fan, Missouri University of Science and Technology, Characterization of IC Radiated Emissions for Intra-System EMI Analysis

November 1, 2011, Jessica Ruyle, University of Illinois, Small, Dual Band, Placement Insensitive RFID Antennas

November 8, 2011, Dr. Andrew D. Greenwood, U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory, Kirtland AFB NM, Numerical Simulation of HPM Devices with ICEPIC

November 15, 2011, Dr. Ju Seop Lee, Purdue University, Frequency-Agile Reconfigurable Figures for Adaptable Front-Ends

November 29, 2011, Yiyi Huang, University of Illinois, Department of CSL, Simulation of Fabry-Perot Interferometers for Measuring Upper-Atmospheric Temperature and Winds


February 16, 2010, Dr. Gregory Huff, Texas A&M University, Multifunctional Antennas and Biologically Inspired Reconfiguration Mechanisms

March 2, 2010, Dr. William Weedon, Applied Radar, Inc., Phased Array Digital Beamforming Hardware Development at Applied Radar

March 9, 2010, Feng Ling, ParaMax Design Automation, Inc., Driving Innovation Towards EM-Aware Solution for Real World IC/Packaging Problems

March 16, 2010, Dr. P. Keith Kelly, First RF Corporation, Antenna Development of a 2-18 GHz Phased Array

March 30, 2010, Lingxiao Zhang, Northwestern University, Rigorous Formulation of Oblique Incidence Scattering from Layered Media in FDTD with Applications in Surface Nanoplasmonics

April 6, 2010, Dr. Mark E. Weber and Jeff Herd, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Multifunction Phased-Array Radar for U.S. Civil-Sector Surveillance Needs

April 20, 2010, Dr. Roy (Troy) Olsson, Sandia National Laboratories, Multi-Frequency Aluminum Nitride Microresonators for Advanced RF

October 5, 2010, Prof. Sean Hum, University of Toronto, Reconfigurable Antennas and Antenna Arrays: Architectures and Technologies

October 12, 2010, Nick Buris, NEBENS LLC, Cross-Layer Design of Smart Antenna Systems

October 19, 2010, Pavle Milosevic, University of Illinois, Crosstalk Mitigation of High-Speed Interconnects With Discontinuities Using Modal Signaling

November 9, 2010, Michael L. VanBlaricum, Toyon Research Corporation, Reconfigurable Antennas – What Are They and Where Are They Going

November 16, 2010, Karl F. Warnick, Brigham Young University, Phased Array Antennas for Next-Generation Radio Telescopes


February 3, 2009, Rui Wang, University of Illinois, Incorporation of Feed-Network and Circuit Modeling into the Time-Domain Finite Element Analysis of Antenna Arrays and Microwave Circuits

February 10, 2009, Prasad Sumant, University of Illinois, Multi-physics modeling of RF MEMS switches

February 17, 2009, Ruopeng Liu, Duke University, Designing and Building Complex Metamaterials for Next Generation RF System

March 3, 2009, Lucia Florescu, University of Pennsylvania, Light Propagation and Generation in Complex Photonic Systems

March 10, 2009, Zol Cendes, Ansoft LLC, Recent Trends in High-Performance Electronic Design Automation

March 17, 2009, Andrew F. Peterson, Georgia Tech, High Order Numerical Methods for EM Scattering from Structures with Edge Singularities

March 31, 2009, Dan Jiao, Purdue University, H2-Matrix-Based Fast Direct and Iterative Integral-Equation Solvers for Large-Scale Electromagnetic Analysis

April 7, 2009, Christopher D. Nordquist, Sandia National Laboratories, Emerging Technologies for RF Miniaturization

April 14, 2009, Manas Roy, Rockwell Collins, Frequency Agile Filters for Software Defined Radios

April 21, 2009, Meisong Tong, University of Illinois, On the Dual Basis for Solving Electromagnetic Surface Integral Questions by Method of Moments

April 28, 2009, Patrick Fay, University of Notre Dame, Advances in Interconnects and Packaging for High-Performance and Sensing Applications

August 26, 2009, Eric Dunn, SAIC, Finding Complexity in the Simplest of Problems

September 1, 2009, Scott Carney, University of Illinois, Synthetic aperture imaging from meters to microns: RADAR to microscopy

September 8, 2009, Jason Payne and Alex Bates, Sandia National Labs, Roundtable Discussion with RF Engineers from Sandia National Laboratories

September 15, 2009, Andrew Shroyer, Ball Aerospace, Overview of Ball Aerospace Programs in Antennas and Microwaves

September 29, 2009, Kevin Kim, University of Illinois, Study of copper nanowires with five-twinned structure grown by chemical vapor deposition and their possible use as nano-antennas

October 13, 2009, Scott England, UCB Space Science Lab, What is the coupling mechanism between the tropospheric weather system and the distribution of plasma in the Earth’s equatorial ionosphere?

October 20, 2009, Christos Christodoulou, University of New Mexico, Reconfigurable Antennas and their Applications

October 27, 2009, Mingyu Lu, University of Texas at Arlington, Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Antennas and Circuits in Communication and Radar

November 3, 2009, Gary Swenson, University of Illinois, The lower thermosphere/ionosphere, and wave coupling from below

November 10, 2009, Nader Engheta, University of Pennsylvania, Circuits with Light at the Nanoscale

November 17, 2009, Vikram Jandhyala, University of Washington, Towards electromagnetics-aware synthesis of micro-nano-electronics under manufacturing variability

December 1, 2009, John Chang, Lawrence Livermore National Lab, Micropower Ultrawideband Systems and Dan White, Lawrence Livermore National Lab, Simulation of ultrawideband RF pulses


January 22, 2008, Lynford Goddard, University of Illinois, Functionalized Lateral Surface Coated Lasers for Chem-Bio Detection

January 29, 2008, Martin Wong, University of Illinois, CAD Techniques for Low Power Design

February 5, 2008, Clayton Davis, University of Illinois, High-Order Convergence with a Low-Order Discretization of the 2D MFIE

February 12, 2008, Zhiquo Qian, University of Illinois, Augmented EFIE for High Speed Interconnect Analysis

February 19, 2008, Kimani Toussaint, Control of the Plorization of a Focused Optical Field

February 26, 2008, Carl Werner, Rambus, Reducing Complexity and Saving Power in Gigabit Data Links

March 3, 2008, Ram Achar, Carleton University, Advanced Modeling and Simulation Methodologies for Signal Integrity Analysis

March 11, 2008, Bob Jackson, University of Massachusetts, Active Antennas for Low Cost Phased Arrays

March 25, 2008, Steve Boppart, University of Illinois, Translating Optical Biomedical Imaging Technologies into Clinical Applications

April 1, 2008, Kevin Roselle, Bayside Design, Package Design Challenges with Deep Sub-Micron (DSM) ASICs

April 8, 2008, Barry Rubin, IBM, The EIP Suite of Electrical Package Analysis Tools: A Description, A Brief History of Related Work at IBM, and A Discussion of Electrical Issues and Interesting Package Effects

April 15, 2008, Pavle Milosevic, University of Illinois, On-chip Oscilloscope for Signal Integrity (SI) Characterization of Interconnects in 130nm CMOS Technology

April 22, 2008, Jilin Tan, Cadence, Demo of Cadence SPB SI 16.2 Release

April 29, 2008, Ada Poon, University of Illinois, Optimal frequency for wireless power transmission over dispersive tissue

September 9, 2008, Shih-Hao Lee, University of Illinois, Finite Element Electromagnetic Simulation for High-Frequency/High-Speed Circuits

September 16, 2008, Eric Michielssen, University of Michigan, Calderon and Hierarchically Preconditioned Time Domain Integral Equation Solvers

September 23, 2008, Brian Cunningham, University of Illinois, Optical Resonators for Label-Free Detection: Photonic Crystals, Micro-rings, and Lasers

September 30, 2008, Harley T. Johnson, University of Illinois, Computational Design of Nanophotonic Devices, and the Emperor’s New Cloak

October 7, 2008, Yehuda Leviatan, Technion University, An Optical-Waveguide Mode-Solver based on the Source-Model Technique

October 14, 2008, Dimitri Peroulis, Purdue University, New Directions In MEMS for RF-front ends and Sensors

October 21, 2008, John Volakis, Ohio State University, Antennas & RF Sensors: Changing the Way We Live

November 4, 2008, Costas Sarris, University of Toronto, Accelerated FDTD-Based Numerical Techniques for Microwave and Optical Engineering Applications

November 11, 2008, David Jackson, University of Houston, Planar Leaky-Wave Antennas


January 23, 2007, Yujia Li, University of Illinois, A Fast Full-Wave Analysis of Large-Scale 3-D Photonic Band-Gap Problems Using the FETI-EM Method

January 30, 2007, Vasileios Kourkoulos, University of Illinois, Closed-Form Expressions for Layered Media Green’s Functions in Terms of Spherical and Cylindrical Waves

February 6, 2007, Andy Greenwood, AFRL/DEHE, Virtual Prototyping of High Power Microwave Devices Using A Massively Parallel Electromagnetic Particle-in-Cell Code

February 27, 2007, Nicholas Xuanlai Fang, University of Illinois, Metamaterials: A Route for Molecular Scale Imaging

March 6, 2007, Shanker Balasubramaniam, Michigan State University, Accelerated Cartesian Expansion: An O/N Method for Rapidly Computing Non-Oscillartory Potentials

March 13, 2007, Marc Kowalski, Optimal Corporation, Low Power Physical Design via Co-Simulation of IC, Package, and PCB

March 27, 2007, Prof. Jiming Song, Iowa State University, Modeling of Interconnects on Multilayer Lossy Silicon Structures with Thin-metallic Ground

April 10, 2007, Hong Wu, Extreme DA Corporation, IC Capacitance Extraction Based on Random-walk Method

April 24, 2007, Meisong Tong, University of Illinois, Nystrom Method for Solving Wave Scattering Problems in Electromagnetics, Acoustics and Elasodynamics

May 1, 2007, Clayton Davis, University of Illinois, Frequency-Independent Scattering Solutions for a Flat Strip

August 31, 2007, Prof. Bumman Kim, Pohang University, Korea, Next Generation Handset Transmitters

September 10, 2007, Brian Herting, Rockwell Collins, Antenna Technology for Next Generation Systems at Rockwell Collins

September 18, 2007, Prof. Jont Allen, University of Illinois, Wave Power Flux In Inhomogeneous Media

September 25, 2007, Yidnek MeKonnen, University of Illinois, Statistical Analysis of On-Chip Interconnects Due To Process Variations Using EM Field Solvers

October 16, 2007, Prof. Deming Chen, University of Illinois, 3D nFPGA: A Three Dimensional CMOS/Nanomaterial Hybrid FPGA Architecture

October 23, 2007, Andrew Hesford, University of Illinois, Localized Preconditioning and Reduced-Rank Approximations in Electromagnetic Radiation Problems

December 4, 2007, Prof. Yun Chiu, University of Illinois, Harnessing Power and Variability of Analog Circuits in Scaled CMOS


January 24, 2006, Dr. Roberto Suaya, Mentor Graphics, Impedance Extraction for IC’s Down to MM Wavelengths

January 31, 2006, Prof. Shun Lien Chuang, University of Illinois, Slow Light Using Semiconductor Quantum Devices

February 7, 2006, Prof. John Papapolymerou, Georgia Tech, RF MEMS and Micromachining for Reconfigurable SOC/SOP RF Front Ends

February 21, 2006, Prof. Naresh Shanbhag, University of Illinois, Opportunities and Role of EM in Future Integrated Circuit Design

March 7, 2006, Richard Frazin, University of Illinois, Remote Sensing Plasma Diagnostics of the Solar Corona

March 28, 2006, Dr. Kwok Wa Leung, City University of Hong Kong, Slot Antennas Cut Onto Probe-Fed Cavities

April 4, 2006, Prof. Fernando Teixeira, Ohio State University, Time Reversal Techniques for Ultrawideband Electromagnetic Sensing

April 11, 2006, Dr. Steven Best, Mitre, Optimizing the Performance of Electrically Small Antennas

April 18, 2006, Michael VanBlaricum, Toyon Research Corporation, Reconfigurable Antennas – An Introduction and Historical Overview

April 25, 2006, Prof. H. Y. David Yang, University of Illinois at Chicago, 3D RF Passives and Antennas on Metalized Materials

September 12, 2006, Prof. Jianming Jin, University of Illinois, Back to the Reality: Solving Maxwell’s Equations in the Time Domain Using the Finite Element Method

September 19, 2006, Prof. Yuanxun (Ethan) Wang, UCLA, Sub-Wavelength Antennas for Future Wireless Communications

September 26, 2006, Prof. Jose Schutt-Aine, University of Illinois, Circuit Simulation Techniques for High-Speed Applications

October 3, 2006, Prof. Dan Jiao, Purdue University, High-Capacity Electromagnetic Solutions for High-Speed Full-Chip Design

October 10, 2006, Prof. Constantine Balanis, Arizona State University, Smart Antennas for Wireless Communication Systems and Networks

October 31, 2006, Prof. Manos Tentzeris, Georgia Tech, Highly Integrated 3D RF Ront-Engs for Convergent (Telecommunication, Computing and Entertainment) Applications: Status and Challenges

November 7, 2006, Prof. Albin Gasiewski, University of Colorado, High-Resolution Microwave Radiometric Imaging: Unique Views of the Hydrological State

November 14, 2006, Prof. Jin Fa Lee, Ohio State University, Domain Decomposition Methods in Computational Electromagnets

November 28, 2006, Prof. Xu Li, Northwestern University, Understanding of Optical Cellular-Level Diagnosis and Imaging Facilitated by Computational Electrodynamics Modeling

December 5, 2006, Prof. Donghan Lee, University of Illinois, Semiconductor Quantum Dots: Physics and Applications to Optical Devices


January 25, 2005, Prof. Jianming Jin, University of Illinois, A Quantitative Study of Luneberg Lens Reflectors

February 1, 2005, Prof. Levent Gurel, University of Illinois, Essays on the Iterative Solution of the Combined-Field Integral Equation

February 8, 2005, Prof. Jose Schutt-Aine, University of Illinois, Perspectives and Challenges in the Future of Integration

February 15, 2005, Prof. Steven Boppart, University of Illinois, Molecular Imaging with Optical Coherence Tomography

March 1, 2005, Prof. Robert Adams, University of Kentucky, Well-conditioned Integral Equations for Electromagnetic Applications

March 8, 2005, Prof. John Huang, JPL, Recent Challenging Microstrip Array Work at JPL

March 15, 2005, Prof. Richard Blahut, University of Illinois, Maximum-Likelihood Photon-Differencing Methods of Imaging

March 29, 2005, Prof. Zhi-Pei Liang, University of Illinois, Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Challenges and Opportunities

April 5, 2005, Dr. Hans Steyskal, Hanscom AFRL, A Sampling of Antenna Research at AFRL

April 12, 2005, Dr. Glaucio Paulino, University of Illinois, 3D Boundary Element Modeling: Application To Nonhomogeneous Media

April 19, 2005, Dr. Jose Camberos, AFRL, Development and Progress of a Finite-Volume, Time-Domain Computational Electromagnetics Research Code for Multidisciplinary Applications

April 26, 2005, Prof. Erhan Kudeki, University of Illinois, Calibrating An MST Radar Using F-region ISR Returns and Magneto-ionic Propagation Effects

May 3, 2005, Prof. Kevin Webb, Purdue University, Imaging Potential of a Negative Refractive Index Lens

August 30, 2005, Prof. Amir Mortazawi, University of Michigan, Adaptive RF Circuits Based on Thin Film BST

September 6, 2005, Dr. Robert Burkholder, Ohio State University, Using Asymptotic Phasefront Extraction To Take Computational Electromagnetics To A New Level

September 13, 2005, Prof. Gary Eden, University of Illinois, Microcavity Plasma Devices and Arrays: A New Realm of Plasma Physics and Photonics Applications

September 20, 2005, Prof. Caicheng Lu, University of Kentucky, Simulation of Electromagnetic Heating of Cryopreserved Samples

September 27, 2005, Prof. Leo Kempel, Michigan State University, Design, Measurement, and Applications of Magneto-Dielectric RF Polymers

October 4, 2005, Prof. Boby Weikle, University of Virginia, Terahertz Integrated Circuits and Systems: Technologies for Exploring the Submillimeter Gap

October 11, 2005, Prof. Scott Carney, University of Illinois, Apertureless Near-Field Scanning Optical Microscopy and Tomography

November 1, 2005, Dr. Aop Sezginer, Invarium Inc., Introduction to Sub-Wavelength Optical Projection Lithography

November 8, 2005, Prof. Paul Coleman, University of Illinois, An Overview of the THz Spectral Range: The Last Spectral Frontier

November 15, 2005, Prof. George Eleftheriades, University of Toronto, Negative-Refraction Transmission-Line Meatmaterials and Their Applications

November 29, 2005, Zhuohui Zhang, University of Illinois, An Extremely Broadband Antenna and Jacquelyn Martin, University of Illinois, Efficiency of Electrically Small Antennas Used In Animal Tracking


February 3, 2004, Vitaliy Lomakin, University of Illinois, Enhanced Transmission Through Metallic Plates Perforated By Sub-Wavelength Holes

February 10, 2004, Greg Huff, University of Illinois, A Radiation Reconfigurable Spiral Antenna: Dynamic Array Behavior and Integration with RF MEMS Switches

February 16, 2004, Prof. Selim Unlu, Boston University, Application of Solid Immersion Lens Techniques to High-Resolution Subsurface Microscopy and Thermal Imaging

February 17, 2004, Thomas Rylander, University of Illinois, Perfectly Matched Layer for the Time Domain Finite Element Method

March 2, 2004, Danilo Erricolo, University of Illinois at Chicago, Propagation Prediction Models In Wireless Communications

March 9, 2004, Prof. Eric de Sturler, University of Illinois, Preconditioning Saddle-Point Problems

March 16, 2004, Prof. Paul Ricker, University of Illinois, Numerical Methods In Cosmological Simulation

March 30, 2004, Dr. Eric K. Walton, Ohio State University, Noise Radar

April 6, 2004, Ali Yilmaz, University of Illinois, FFT Accelerated Transient Electromagnetic-Circuit Simulations

April 13, 2004, Shenghui Zhang, University of Illinois, A Pattern Reconfigurable Microstrip Monoarray Antenna

April 20, 2004, Prof. William Chappell, Purdue University, Solid Free Form Fabrication For Three-Dimensional, High-Frequency Circuits

April 27, 2004. Gong Li Wang, University of Illinois, Formal Solution to the Electromagnetic Scattering by a Buried Sphere

May 4, 2004, Levent Gurel, Bilkent University, Improving the Accuracy of the Magnetic-Field Integral Equation (MFIE)

August 30, 2004, Michael Connelly, University of Limericl, Semiconductor Optical Amplifer Numerical Modeling and Fiber Optic Displacement Sensors

September 7, 2004, Matt Grupen, Ansoft Corporation, Full Wave Simulation of Electromagnetic Fields Coupled to Classical Nonlinear Charge Transport

September 14, 2004, Dejan Filipovic, University of Colorado at Boulder, Unconventional Spiral Antennas: Theory, Modeling, Design and Performance

September 21, 2004, Jim Drewniak, University of Missouri Rolla, Circuit Model Extraction for SI and EMI Simulation in High-Speed Digital Design

September 28, 2004, Arthur Yaghijian, Hanscom AFB, Impedance, Bandwidth, and Q of Antennas

October 5, 2004, Amir Boag, Tel Aviv University, Multi-Level Computational Methods in Electromagnetics

October 12, 2004, Doug Riley, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Predicting Electromagnetic Coupling into Complex Systems: Challenges and Approaches

October 19, 2004, Mahta Moghaddam, University of Michigan, Inversion of Scattering Properties of a Multilayer Subsurface With Rough Interfaces

October 26, 2004, Meers Oppenheim, Boston University, Simulations of Space Plasma Physics Using Almost a Billion Particles

November 2, 2004, Kathleen Melde, University of Arizona, Transient Distributions For Active Arrays With Peak Amplitude and Effective Radiated Voltage Constraints

November 9, 2004, Dimitri Peroulis, Purdue University, MEMS For Smart Communication Systems: Will They Ever Work?

November 16, 2004, Rhonda Drayton, University of Minnesota, Advanced GHz Packaging Concepts

November 30, 2004, Tian-Li Yu, University of Illinois, Military Antenna Design Using Simple and Competent Genetic Algorithms

December 7, 2004, Rickard Petersson, University of Illinois, A Time-Domain Finite Element Formulation for Periodic Structures


February 4, 2003, Omar M. Ramahi, University of Maryland, Design and Modeling of High Impedance Surfaces for Mitigation of Simultaneous Switching Noise in PCB Power Planes

February 11, 2003, Prof. Milton Feng, University of Illinois, Faster Bipolar Transistor for High Speed Mixed Signal Circuits

February 18, 2003, Prof. S. L. Chuang, University of Illinois, My Sabbatical at Cavendish Laboratory

March 4, 2003, Prof. Weng C. Chew, University of Illinois, Computational Electromagentics: From the Very Small to the Very Large

March 11, 2003, Vladimir Okhmatovski, University of Illinois, De-embedding of Port Discontinuities in Full-Wave CAD Models of Multi-Port Circuits

March 18, 2003, Dr. Andrew Greenwood, AFRL/DEHE, Kirtland AFB, Computational Electromagnetics for High Power Microwaves

March 20, 2003, Zhigao Yang, Director at CNPC Well Logging Calibration Center, Chinese National Petroleum Company, Introduction to the Petroleum Well Logging Industry in China

April 8, 2003, Lih-Tyng Hwang, Motorola, RF Modules, Technology and Design

April 15, 2003, Prof. Farzad Kamalabadi, University of Illinois, Tomographic and Hyperspectral Imaging of Space Plasmas Using Radio and Optical Measurements

April 22, 2003, Prof. Manos Tentzeris, Georgia Institute of Technology, Adaptive Modeling and Design of Highly Integrated 3D Microwave-Millimeter Wave Radio Front-Ends

April 29, 2003, Keith Whites, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, Applied Electromagnetics Teaching and Research at SDSM&T

September 9, 2003, Prof. Jianming Jin, University of Illinois, The Finite Element Method for Computational Electromagnetics: Recent Progress, Current Status, and Future Directions

September 23, 2003, Prof. Umberto Ravaioli, University of Illinois, Electromagnetic Teaching Using Interactive Java Applets

September 30, 2003, Matthew Angert, University of Illinois, GMS/EDGE Power Amplifier Measurement Research

October 7, 2003, Thomas Rylander, University of Illinois, Estimation of Resonant Frequencies and Quality Factors from Time Domain Computations

October 21, 2003, Scott Carney, University of Illinois, Near-Field Optical Tomography

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