Greetings from EML & CCEM Director

Jianming JinI cordially welcome you to the homepage of the Electromagnetics Laboratory and the Center for Computational Electromagnetics at the University of Illinois.

Our Electromagnetics Laboratory currently consists of six faculty members and about 60 researchers including postdoctoral research fellows and graduate research assistants. Our research activities cover many aspects in theoretical, computational, and experimental electromagnetics, such as the design of smart, reconfigurable antennas, fast algorithms for large-scale electromagnetic simulations, finite element methods for scattering, antenna, and high-frequency circuit analysis, bioelectromagnetics, electromagnetic compatibility, high-speed interconnection modeling and electronic packaging, inverse scattering and remote sensing, and optoelectronics and integrated optics.

Our Center for Computational Electromagnetics has been supported by two MURI grants: the first on computational electromagnetics for large complex electromagnetic scattering problems and the second on the physics-based simulation of conformal antennas and arrays. Our center leads in the development of novel fast algorithms in both the frequency and time domains. The time-domain development opens up the possibility of rapidly solving nonlinear problems which are most efficiently solved in the time domain. These novel techniques have impacted and will continue to impact a number of technological areas in the future.

I invite you to explore the various areas. Enjoy your visit.

Jianming Jin, Director