Research Facility

      Our facilities are located on the third floor of Freer Hall and consist of approximately 2500 sq. ft of dedicated experimental and office spaces including 2 testing chambers, an experimenter control room, a metabolic testing chamber, and a conference room. The laboratory is equipped with a wide assortment of instruments involved in psychophysiological measurement.

      Some of the measures used in our lab include: Electroencephalography (EEG), Event-related Potentials (ERPs), startle blink reflex, facial electromyography (EMG), heart rate, task performance (reaction time, response accuracy), postural sway, the Self Assessment Manikin (SAM) affective rating system, and various self-report inventories to measure health and cognitive function.

      Our equipment includes two Neuroscan 64-channel Synamps systems with Acquire 4.3 software and sintered Ag/AgCl Neuroscan Quikcap electrode caps for the collection and analysis of EEG, ERP, and EMG data. Neuroscan Stim packages are used for the control of stimulus acquisition and timing. Inquisit 1.33 (Millisecond Inc.) software is used to control and display pictorial and acoustic stimuli and VPM software is used to collect SAM affective

      For the assessment of aerobic fitness of our study participants, we have are equipped with state-of-the-art instruments for the on-line measurement of expired gases during exercise, as well as an impressive array of other measurement and recording devices.