Ongoing studies currently enrolling participants:


BRIGHTKids Study: This study is a sub-project stemming from the larger birth cohort study, STRONGKids 2 (registered at as NCT03341858; IRB # 13448), which currently follows participants from birth to 7 years. The purpose of the sub-project is to explore outcomes of cognitive development and body composition and their predictors (diet, physical activity, parent characteristics, etc.) in greater detail as these children turn 4 and 5-years-of-age. Specifically, these participants will undergo a body composition scan, a pencil paper test to assess academic achievement, and they will perform several computer-based cognitive tasks while their brain function is being measured. Additionally, parents will complete surveys and a 7-day diet record for their child. Participants will also be asked to wear a physical activity tracker for 7 days. For participation, you must already be enrolled in the STRONGKids 2 study. However, note that the STRONGKids 2 is no longer actively recruiting. IRB #16484

BREES: Behavioral indices of Resilience to Early Experiences Study is for 8 to 14 year-olds and their parent/guardian(s). You will visit the lab six times over 12 months to complete stress and mental health surveys, memory and problem-solving games, a fitness test, a test for chronic disease, and hair and saliva samples.  Families will be compensated for their time. IRB23-0233.

iCONS: This study is for children ages 8 to 10 years to help us learn how nutrition supports eye health and school performance. Children will participate in seven 2-hour visits and take a daily gummy over nine months.  Activities include height, weight, and eye health measurements, reading and math related questions, computer tasks, and parent questionnaires.  You will be paid for your time and effort. IRB #21066.

iPALS Study: This study is examines the effects of a physical activity summer program for elementary and middle school students on cognitive abilities and physical fitness. Participants enroll in the iPALS Wellness Program, a 3-4 week summer camp involving sports and physical activity games, nutrition education, and academic enrichment.

PODS: This study is for children ages 8 – 11 to help us understand how plant-based food consumption will impact cognition, body composition, and metabolic health. Participation involves 6 to 8 visits to the laboratory and daily consumption of plant-based foods for 3 months, with the option to participate longer. Participant activities include academic testing, a body composition scan, computer tasks, and physical activity measurements. Parents will be asked to complete questionnaires and a 7-day food and beverage log. Additionally, we will also ask for blood, urine, and stool samples from your child. Compensation will be provided for your time. IRB #24468, Clinical Trial #NCT06276426


Please reach out to us is you are interested in participating in a study for adults!