08/2023 – Diego was awarded James R. Beck Chemistry Fellowship!

08/2023 – Angela was awarded Du Pont Science and Engineering Fellowship!

06/2023 – Daniel was awarded Richard Sobieraj Scholarship!

06/2023 – Jay was awarded Fuson Travel Award!

11/2022 – Marya won the first prize for Oral presentation at the Beak-Pines Organic Area Allerton Conference!

08/2022 – Angad named T. M. Balthazor Faculty Scholar!

06/2022 – Jason received the Pines Fellowship Award!

05/2022 – Angela is selected as the CBI-TP fellow!

05/2022 – Joenisse received the C2 Outstanding Mentor Award!

05/2022 – Idalee received the C2 Summer Research Scholarship!

05/2022 – Daniel received the Voorhees Award!

05/2022 – Jason received the Jay and Ann Schenck Travel Award!

05/2022 – Jason received the first annual Dr. Sandra Murawski Award for Mentoring Excellence!

04/2022 – Congratulations to Jason, Sarah, Yang-le and the entire team on our endosymbionts Nature Communications publications!

04/2022 – Marya Ornelas received the NSF GRFP award!

10/2021 – Sarah and Jason present a poster at the Moore-Simons Project on the Origin of the Eukaryotic Cell Annual Meeting

10/2021 – Postdoctoral fellow Yang-le and graduate students Angela, Miriam, Diego and Riley join our group. Welcome all!

09/2021 – NIH supports our synthetic endosymbiosis efforts through R01 funding mechanism

08/2021 – Undergraduate student Zachary joins our team

06/2021 – Angad was selected as a Scialog Fellow!

06/2021 – Congratulations to Noah for receiving this year’s Department of Chemistry Teaching Excellence Award!

01/2021 – Graduate student, Daniel, joins our team. Welcome!

12/2020 – Graduate students, Sarah and Marya, join our lab. Welcome!

11/2020 – Luke gives a poster presentation on engineering chloroplast evolution at the 5th Annual East Central IL-ACS Conference

10/2020 – Noah Haskin, graduate student, joins our lab. Welcome Noah!

09/2020 – Moore Foundation and Simons Foundation awards funding to our Chloroplast evolution project

07/2020 – NSF funds our COVID-19 vaccines project

05/2022 – Joenisse is selected as the CBI-TP fellow!

02/2020 – Graduate student, Stanley, joins our team. Welcome!

10/2019 – Graduate students, Jason and Joenisse, join our team. Welcome!

10/2019 – Undergraduate student Luke Lo joins our team. Welcome!