Four Year Plans

  • Read the 2019-2020 ACES Honors Almanac, a comprehensive guide to the James Scholar experience from start to finish (created August 2019).
  • See a Visual Timeline of the “Milestones of Achievement” that ACES James Scholars complete during each academic year of undergraduate study.

Planning Tools

  • The Honors Calendar — This is the official schedule of James Scholar activites and due dates for the current academic year.
  • The Official.HCP.FY2020 — The Honors Completion Plan (HCP) is your academic roadmap for the junior and senior years. All juniors are required to submit their HCP by the third Monday in November.
  • Electronic Honors Credit Learning Agreement (eHCLA) Factsheet — Updated in March 2020, this handout explains how the Honors Program’s eHCLA system works. (Please note that paper HCLAs are no longer being used in the ACES James Scholar Honors Program.)
  • ACES 396: Honors Study Abroad Retrospective — Earn honors credit for your ACES Study Abroad experience after you return to campus from overseas by registering for this course!