A11yFirst Editor Release – v 0.6.0

Meeting Topic

  1. The issues of getting a11yFirst onto the library beta server
  2. The status of the WordPress Plug-in repository in the A11yFirst organization
  3.  Resources available from the library for additional usability testing as the plugins continue to be developed.


  1. A11yFirst Editor v 0.6.0 was released.
  2. A11yfirst Editor demo site was updated with new UI design based on usability testing by Information science school students at U of Illinois.
    • Heading label
    • Paragraph format
    • Character style
    • Change of accessibility checker button to put emphasis on A11yfirst Help menu
  3. Github Distribution folder for the release is ready.
  4. Usability testing coordination meeting is scheduled on January 19, 2018