• “Stabilizing a Switched Linear System with Unknown Disturbance using Sampled and Quantized State Feedback”
    Guosong Yang (ECE) Best Poster Award!
  • “Synergistic Design of a Bio-Inspired Micro Aerial Vehicle with Articulated Wings”
    Jonathan Hoff (MechSE)
  • “Game-Theoretic Analysis of Hegselmann-Krause Opinion Dynamics in Finite Dimensions”
    Rasoul Etesami (ECE)
  • “A Characterization of l2-induced Gain of Switched Linear Systems via Multiple Storage Norms”
    Ray Essick (MechSE) & Matthew Philippe (Ph.D, Université Catholique de Louvain)
  • “Image Based Automation of Endovascular Robotic Surgery”
    Naveen Kumar Sankaran (ISE)
  • “Hardware-in-the-loop Robotic Surgery Simulator with Haptic Feedback Control”
    Xiao Li (ME)
  • “Duplex: a Randomized Algorithm for Nonlinear Non-Convex Optimization”
    Seyed Nematollah Ahmadyan (ECE)
  • “Novel ‘MaxWeight’ Scheduling: Delay Optimality in Heavy Traffic”
    Qiaomin Xie (ECE)
  • “A Phase-Locked Loop Oscillatory Memory Model for Characterizing Canine Seizure Electrocorticography Data”
    Kevin Horecka (NEUR)

Machine Learning:

  • “Resiliency For Extreme Scale Systems”
    Saurabh Jha
    (CS) Best Poster Award!
  • “Sampling-based Probabilistic Inference Architectures for Machine Learning Tasks”
    Glenn Ko (ECE)
  • “Acute Care Medical System Replay”
    Avesta Hojjati (CS)
  • “Computing Information Flow Using Symbolic Model Checking”
    Umang Mathur (CS)
  • “Extracting Temporal Author Profiles from Large Scale Bibliometric Data”
    Shubhanshu Mishra (LIS)
  • “Correlation Signal Processing of Particle Diffusion Dynamics Reveals the Nanoscale Structure of Porous Materials”
    Lydia Kisley (CHBE)
  • “Stable and Symmetric Filter Convolutional Neural Network”
    Raymond Yeh (ECE)
  • “SSVEP-Based Brain-Machine Interface with Industrial Application”
    Yao Li (ISE)
  • “Union of Sparsifying Transforms Learning and Its Applications”
    Bihan Wen (ECE)
  • “Resource-Efficient System Design for Joint Sensing and Inference in the Internet of Things (IoT)”
    Long Le (ECE)
  • “Online Learning with Adversarial Delays”
    Kent Quanrad (CS) & Daniel Khashabi (CS)


  • “Free for All! Assessing User Data Exposure to Advertising Libraries on Android”
    Soteris Demetriou (CS)
  • “A New Method for Generating Cryptographically Secure Pseudorandom Numbers”
    Malhar Jere (ECE) & Joseph Chapman (PHYS)

The Best Poster Awards are given to students only, excluding postdocs! The postdoc judges group was impressed by the quality of all UIUC presentations and posters!