Language Testing Conferences

1. Midwest Association of Language Testers (MwALT)

This will be an excellent opportunity for those interested in language testing to present their work in a friendly environment.

The 2023 MwALT conference will be held at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign!

2. Language Testing Research Colloquium (LTRC)

The annual conference of theĀ International Language Testing Association (ILTA), LTRC is considered by far one of the biggest conferences related to language testing. The 2024 conference will be held in Innsbruck, Austria from July 1 to 5.

3. Second Language Research Forum (SLRF)

SLRF is a conference that brings SLA (second language acquisition) researchers together from around the world.

4. The East Coast Organization of Language Testers (ECOLT)

ECOLT is another graduate-student-friendly language testing conference. The 2023 ECOLT conference will be held at Georgetown University on October 27.

5. American Association for Applied Linguistics (AAAL)

The AAAL is a major conference in the field of applied linguistics. The 2024 AAAL conference will be held in Houston, Texas from March 16 to 19.—houston-texas

Language Testing Journals

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