What Degree-What Graduate Program

ReaderBoyWhy Graduate School?

A Professional Master’s program allows students an opportunity to go and strengthen their technical knowledge in an area of interest, which can increase their starting salary on average by $10,000. This can also open up more doors within industry and provide a fast track to management type positions.

Master’s with thesis program allows students to explore their research interests and strengthen their research skills as well as strengthen their technical knowledge in an area of interest. This degree can prepare students to work in research labs, industry, or continue on for their doctoral degree (PhD).

The PhD program allows students to build on their passion for research and to solve difficult problems that can impact the world. Students are able to collaborate with a wide range of researchers and other students across the world. This degree opens up doors to jobs in academia, research labs and industry. Most students in a PhD program find research and solving difficult programs enjoyable.

Selecting the Right Graduate Program

It is important to select a graduate program and college based on these points:

  • Fits your learning styles.
  • Fits your educational and career goals.
  • Has the research opportunities that interest you.
  • Faculty that match your research interest.

Selecting a program and university that best fits a student’s needs is the first step to being successful in a graduate program. Graduate school is intense, so it is of utmost importance for each student to select his or her optimal university environment.

Selecting the Right Degree

In order to figure out what degree would be best to complete, it is important to figure out your career goals. You want to investigate what educational background is required for your desired position/career path. Based on this research, select the graduate program that fits your career goals.  You may want to check out this Resource Toolbox site for guidance on your search!