Elucidate Consulting was founded in 2014, on the University of Illinois campus, while six students sought to create an organization to support the healthcare industry. It has become increasingly expensive for consumers to purchase necessary health products. EC pursued this industry to help consumers live a healthy life, while assisting companies  grow. The group desires to utilize their skills to analyze the industry to help provide consumers with effective and affordable opportunities.

What We Do
EC’s focus is exclusively in the healthcare industry. We serve a variety of healthcare organizations across the globe; by providing guidance and strategy to healthcare product and service companies, EC markets superior products while sustainably maximizing their client base and revenue. We transform companies into market leaders, no matter their size or focus.

Mission Statement
Elucidate Consulting (“EC”) is a group of consultants with expertise in the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare equipment fields. We aim to provide innovative solutions that are not only attainable in the short run, but are also sustainable in the long run. EC makes healthcare more affordable by analyzing and enhancing procedures in all areas of the healthcare world, from drug development to patient data analysis.