Psych 220: Images of Mind

Spring Semester (3 hours)

In recent years, there has been an explosion of brain imaging research reported in the popular press. In this course we will take a critical look at the science behind the headlines. Do the reporters get the science right? And what does it mean when we say a brain region “lights up”? In addition to surveying reports in the popular press, we’ll cover basic neuroanatomy, neuroimaging techniques, and a range of topics from cognitive neuroscience.


Psych 453: Cognitive Neuroscience of Vision

Fall Semester (3 hours)

Overview of neuroscience of the visual system.  Topics will include the anatomy and function of the visual system, with a particular emphasis on higher-level vision (e.g. attention and object perception) and disorders of vision (e.g. neglect, prosapagnosia).


Psych 593: Consciousness

Fall or Spring Semester (2 hours)

Examination of the scientific study of consciousness, with topics including (but not limited to): the role of attention in visual awareness, neural correlates of consciousness, and perception without awareness.


Psych 504: Theories of Attention

Fall or Spring Semester (2 hours)

Examination of theories and empirical findings from the study of human attention. The first ~2/3 of the semester will be dedicated to readings, lectures, and discussions that draw from the textbook and the literature. The final ~1/3 of the semester will be dedicated to student presentations.


Psych 598: Proseminar in Cognitive Neuroscience

Fall Semester (2 hours)

Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience, with emphasis on research here at the University of Illinois.


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