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Keynote Speakers

  • Prof. Balaji Prabhakar (EE and CS, Stanford University)
    “Getting from Here to There”
  • Dr. Sham Kakade (Microsoft Research, New England)
    “Tradeoffs in large scale learning: statistical accuracy vs. numerical precision”
  • Prof. John Lafferty (Statistics and CS, University of Chicago)
    “Information Theoretic Perspectives in Statistical Estimation”
  • Prof. Virgil Gligor (ECE and CyLab, Carnegie Mellon University)
    “Dancing with the Adversary: a Tale of Wimps and Giants”

Invited Student Talks

UIUC Student Talks

  • Shaileshh Bojja Venkatakrishnan (CSL, UIUC)
    “Deterministic Near-Optimal P2P Streaming”
  • Qiaomin Xie (ECE, UIUC)
    “Pandas: An Efficient Priority Algorithm for Near-Data Scheduling”
  • Derek Chen (AE, UIUC)
    “Simultaneous State Estimation of UAV Trajectories Using Probabilistic Graph Models”
  • Javier Puig-Navarro (AE, UIUC)
    “Time-Critical Coordination of Multiple UAVs with Absolute Temporal Constraints”
  • Patrick Johnstone (ECE, UIUC)
    “Local Linear Convergence on Sparse Optimization Problems”
  • Ching-pei Lee (CS, UIUC)
    “Distributed Box-Constrained Quadratic Optimization for Dual Linear SVM”
  • Yanjun Li (CSL, UIUC)
    “A Unified Framework for Identifiability Analysis in Bilinear Inverse Problems with Applications to Subspace and Sparsity Models”
  • Aolin Xu (ECE, UIUC)
    “Information-theoretic lower bounds for distributed function computation”
  • Bihan Wen (ECE, UIUC)
    “Online Sparsifying Transform Learning and Big Data Applications”
  • Johannes Traa (ECE, UIUC)
    “Spectral Learning of HMM Variants”
  • Kai-Wei Chang (CS, UIUC)
    “Practical Learning Algorithms for Structured Prediction”
  • Motahhare Eslami (CS, UIUC)
    “Exposure to the Invisible: Algorithm Awareness from the Individual to the Collective”
  • Yonatan Bisk (CS, UIUC)
    “Unsupervised Grammar Induction From Raw Text”
  • Muhammad Naveed (CS, UIUC)
    “Controlled Functional Encryption”
  • Shashank Agrawal (CS, UIUC)
    “Cryptographic Agents: Towards a Unified Theory of Computing on Encrypted Data”
  • Wei Yang (CS, UIUC)
    “Improving Mobile Application Security via Bridging User Expectations and Application Behaviors”

Panel Discussion

A Panel discussion on topics for this conference.