Research Assistant- PhD Student, 2013-Present
Coordinate Science Laboratory-CSL
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign-UIUC

Educationcauribe2 (1)

PhD, Electrical and Computer Engineering. UIUC.
Topic: Distributed Optimization for Control and Learning in Networks.
Advisers: Prof. Angelia Nedich, Prof. Alex Olshevsky

M.Sc. Applied Mathematics: Optimization and Algorithms,  UIUC, 2016.

M.Sc. Systems & Control,  TUDelft, 2013.
Thesis (Cum Laude): Control of Finite Stochastic Systems with Non-Classical Information Patterns. Slides, PDF.
Advisers: Prof. Jan H. van Schuppen, Prof. Tamás Keviczky.

B.Sc. Electronic Engineering, University of Antioquia, 2010.
Thesis (with Distinction): Unsupervised Feature Selection in Complex Industrial Process Monitoring.
Adviser: Prof. Claudia Isaza.

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