Revised Proposal 12/11/02

Name of Organization: Black Faculty and Professionals Alliance

I. Leadership
Two Leadership Co-Chairs (1  Professional/ 1 Faculty member), one Recording Secretary, and one Treasurer shall be elected annually by the membership.

A. The Co-Chairs of the Alliance shall convene and preside over meetings of the Executive Committee and General Body. They shall help set the agenda of the Alliance and represent its interests in various campus and broader communal arenas. They shall in conjunction with the Recording Secretary maintain a roster of the membership. Except for elections, they shall only cast votes in the event of a tie.

B. The Recording Secretary shall notify members of Executive Committee and General Body meetings as well as record and distribute the minutes of these meetings. The Recording Secretary shall chair the Communications committee.

C. The Treasurer shall oversee and present budgets, accounts and financial statements to the Executive Committee and collect and deposit dues from the General Body.

D. One committee chair shall be appointed for each of the designated committees and
join the Leadership Chairs to form the Executive Committee.

II. Meeting Schedule
Monthly Executive Committee meetings are to be scheduled by the Leadership Chairs of the Alliance and conducted with the Executive Committee. General Body meetings shall be held a minimum of twice a semester or as the Leadership Chairs designate.

III. Objectives

  • Advocate and educate on issues that affect the welfare of Blacks throughout the University.
  • Serve as an advisor to State Legislators on educational issues.
  • Provide exposure to and outreach for student professional and social organizations. (Exposure by way of inviting registered student organizations to present on their organization, enlightening the general body of their objectives, issues and ways to potentially assist them.
  • Outreach by way of sharing membership
  • Improve the recruitment, retention, and support services of Black students, staff, and faculty.
  • Orient new members to campus policy, practices, and resources.
  • Provide an avenue for support of tenure and non-tenure track Black Faculty throughout their professional development.
  • Provide an avenue for support of Black Academic Professionals concerning their evaluation process and their professional development.
  • Foster a sense of cohesiveness and serve as an information access point for all the Illinois Black Alumni Association, and other constituent groups of color.
  • Encourage and support the programs and activities of the local Black community and Champaign County.
  • Provide a social network for Alliance members.

IV. Procedures
The organization will work with and through University administrators, Trustees, State legislators, and others to achieve its objectives.

The chair will call meetings, appoint committees, and represent the organization when the need arises.

Before the end of each Spring Semester, the Elections Committee will ask the General Body for nominations to the elected offices of the Alliance. At a designated meeting of the General Body they shall present a list of nominees for each respective office and conduct
the elections, including any nominations from the floor, until each office is properly filled.In order to be elected to office, a candidate must receive a plurality of all votes casts.

V. Committees
Recruitment and Retention Committee
Shall help to monitor efforts at recruiting and retaining Black and other faculty, instructors, and academic professionals who are vital to the well-being of communities of color.

Faculty Policy and Review Committee
Shall help encourage Black and other faculty/instructors as they seek a conducive and equitable academic/scholarly environment as well as promotion and tenure.

Academic Professionals Policy and Review Committee
Shall help encourage Black and other academic professionals as they seek a conducive and equitable work environment as well as promotion and fair remuneration.

Communications Committee (Website & Electronic Communication)
Shall assist the recording secretary in keeping the membership informed of all significant Alliance activities and concerns.

Student Outreach Committee
Shall ensure the Alliance is aware of the broader concerns and issues confronting Black and other student communities.

Elections Committee
Shall conduct the annual elections.

Social and Event Planning Committee
Shall ensure Alliance members and friends of the Alliance shall have opportunities to socialize, network, and discuss concerns among themselves. At least twice a year the Social Chair coordinates such activities.

Professional Development Committee
Shall facilitate the ongoing professionalism of the Alliance membership through educational, leadership and networking activities for Alliance members. At least twice a year the Professional Development Chair coordinates such activities.

Ad Hoc Committee
Shall be appointed by the Co-Chairs or the General Body as needs arise.