A User-Centric Systems Approach

The ASMC has adopted a user-centric systems approach to interventions for agricultural advancement via mechanization. This approach engages all local stakeholders including: farmers, manufacturers, researchers, government agencies, non-governmental organization, and students to ensure that the needs of the local communities are addressed and prioritized in the identifying, developing and/or adopting of appropriate scale mechanization technologies.


Innovation Hubs

Innovation Hubs have been established in each partnered country to provide a centralized zone of activity, knowledge, training and innovation to support Sustainable Intensification. The Innovation Hubs are creating an ecosystem of innovation by engaging all stakeholders in participatory research to identify the areas of greatest need for mechanization, as well as provide input during design and development. The ASMC will provide training and field demonstrations and help motivate farmers to experiment with and adopt technology.




Field Hubs

Integrated into the farming community, the Field Hubs provide resources and localized services for engaging and empowering farmers, women and youth through training as well as demonstrations of equipment and different agricultural practices. On-site research projects facilitate equipment development, evaluation and system-level impacts. Refer to the chart above to see the differences between innovation hubs and field hubs.