Selected Publications in Refereed Statistical Journals and Chapters 


  • Zheng, X., Xue, L. and Qu, A. (2018). “Time-varying correlation structure estimation and local feature detection for spatio-temporal data.” Journal of Multivariate Analysis, to appear.
  • Zhang, Y., Tang, N. and Qu, A. (2018). “Imputed factor regression for high-dimensional block-wise missing data.” Statistica Sinica, to appear.
  • Xue, L., Shu, X. and Qu, A. (2018). “Time-varying estimation and dynamic model selection with an application of network data.” Statistica Sinica, to appear.
  • Bi, X., Qu, A. and Shen, X. (2018). “Multilayer tensor factorization with applications to recommender systems.” Annals of Statistics, to appear.
  • Bi, X. and Qu, A. (2018). “A mixed-effects model for nonignorable missing longitudinal data.” Statistica Sinica, to appear.
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  • Annie Qu (2006),  Book review “Mixed models: Theory and Application” by Eugene Demidenko. Biometrics, V. 62, 304-305.


Collaborative Publications in Refereed Journals: 

    • Rudahindwa, , Mutesa, L., Rutembesa, E., Mutabaruka, J., Qu, A., Wildman, D. E., Jansen, S and Uddin, M. (2018). “Transgenerational effects of the genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda: A PTSD symptom domain analysis.” AAS Open Research. Apr. 18, 2018
    • Stelle, L., Schoenheit, T., Brubaker, A., Tang, X., Qu, P., Cradock, K., Sundaram, M., Higham, A. (2018). “Two-year experience of radioactive seed localization versus wire localization for nonpalpable breast lesions at a large community hospital.” Annals of Surgical Oncology, V. 25131-136.
    • Liechty, J. M., Bi, X. and Qu, A. (2016). “Feasibility and validity of a statistical adjustment to reduce self-report bias of height and weight in wave 1 of the Add health study.” BMC Medical Research Methodology, V. 16, 124-133.
    • Jensen, T. W., Ray, T., Wang, J., Li, X., Naritoku, W. Y., Han, B., Bellafiore, F., Bagaria, S. P., Qu, A., Cui, X., Taylor, C. R., Ray, P. S. (2015). “Diagnosis of Basal-like Breast Cancer using a FOXC1-based assay.” Journal of National Cancer Research, V. 107 (8), djv148.
    • Green, D. M., Lange, J. M., Qu, A., Peterson, S. M., Kalapurakal, J. A., Stokes, D. C., Grigoriev, Y. A., Takashima, J. R., Norkool, P., Friedman, D. L. and Breslow, N. E. (2013). “Pulmonary disease after treatment for Wilms tumor: A report from the national Wilms tumor long-term follow-up study.”  Pediatric Blood & Cancer, V. 60, 1721-1726.
    • R.A. Spotts, M. Serdani, K.M. Wallis, M. Walter, T. Harris-Virgin, K. Spotts, D. Sugar, C.L. Xiao and A. Qu (2009), “At-harvest prediction of gray mold risk in pear fruit in long -term cold storage.” Crop Protection, V. 28, 414-420.
    • J. R. Jaeger, K. C. Olson, T. Delcurto and A. Qu (2008), “Case study: Pattern of parturition as effected by time of feeding and prediction of the time of day that parturition will occur in spring-calving beef cows. ” The Professional Animal Scientist, V. 24, 247-253.
    • S. Machado, S. Petrie, K. Rhinhart and A. Qu (2007), “Long-term continuous cropping in the Pacific Northwest: Tillage and fertilizer effects on winter wheat, spring wheat, and spring barley production.” Soil & Tillage Research, V. 94, 473-481.
    • M. Serdani, R.A. Spotts, J.M. Calabro, J.D. Postman and A. P. Qu (2006), “Evaluation of the USDA national clomal Pyrus germplasm collection for resistance to Podosphaera leucotricha.” HortScience, V. 41, 717-720.
    • Peter Heidmann, Susan Tornquist, Annie Qu and Christopher Cebra (2005), “ Laboratory measures of hemostasis and fibrinolysis after intravenous administration of e-aminocaproic acid in clinically normal horses and ponies.” American Journal of Veterinary Research, V. 66: 313-318.
    • Ling Zhang, John Selker, Annie Qu and Ajoy Velayudhan (2001), “Numerical estimation of multicomponent adsorption isotherms in preparative chromatography: implications of experimental error.” Journal of Chromatography, A, V. 934, 13-29.
    • S.L. Wimberley, M.T. Haug, K.M. Shermock, A. Qu, J.R. Maurer, A.C. Mehta, R.J. Shilz and S.M. Gordon (2001), “Enhanced Cyclosporine-Itraconazole Interaction with Cola in Lung Transplant Recipients.” Clinical Transplantation, V.15: 116-122.
    • I.L. Katzan, A.J. Furlan, L.E. Lloyd, J.I. Frank, D.L. Harper, J.A. Hinchey, J. Hammel, A. Qu, C.A. Sila (2000), “Use of Tissue-Type Plasminogen Activator for Acute Ischemic Stroke, the Cleveland Area Experience.” Journal of American Medical Association, V. 283: 1151-1158.

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