math 444, Elementary Real Analysis


The course deals with the foundations of real analysis, with the emphasis on the foundations (i.e. we will be paying attention to proofs).


The lectures are delivered TuTh 12:30-1:50pm. The course will be conducted online, via Zoom; the lectures will be recorded and released for asynchronous use.
The links to the lectures, notes, homework assignments etc will be assembled on the weekly plan page.

Students willing to do 4 credits course will have to write a short expose presenting an assigned variant of a classical construction (like Peano curve, Cantor function or suchlike). The assignments will be done by mid-February.

My office hours for this class are on Wednesdays, 5-6 pm, via ZoomWangseok Shin is the course grader.

We will be using campuswire for the communications: make sure you signed up.


Solutions to homework should be submitted via gradescope. Solutions should be submitted as pdf files, preferably typeset by any tool of your choice (LaTeX, MS Word, or, the easiest, Markdown). If there is a reason why your submission is handwritten and scanned, let me know (but is should be a very convincing reason).


We will be using Zorich’s Mathematical Analysis I.


There will be 9 homework assignments (totalling 60% of the grade; worst score dropped), 2 midterms (10% each) and final exam (20%).

Those taking the 4 credit version, this work will be scaled to 80% of the total; the remaining 20% will result from the expose (see faq).

In case of trouble

Do not panic! check the faq, talk to your classmates on campuswire, contact the TA or me.


Make sure you’re aware of them.