eec 486, control systems

This is a basic course in feedback control of dynamic systems. The official course goals can be found at the ECE department’s course profile. ECE 210 is a mandatory prerequisite for this course.

All news, assignments, links to lectures etc are at Weekly Plan page.

For tricky details, check first the FAQ page.


The pre-recorded lectures will be released in advance, together with the lecture notes, and can be audited asynchronously.

The lecture slots (Tuesdays/Thursdays, 12:30-1:50pm) will be run via Zoom and dedicated to interactive discussions of the material covered in lectures and in the assigned reading. Please come prepared, with questions/comments ready. These sessions will be published to Illinois Media.

The Lab will be run in person for most participants, subject to space availability and physical distancing guidelines. Visit the labs site for scheduling and details; contact Lab manager Dan Block at d-blоck@you.know.where. The lab component will have its own gradescope site, to handle your written submissions.

By default, the online lab slots are reserved for the overflow students, if the subsection population exceeds the feasible limits, and assigned on a random rotation basis. In case of hardship or being physically remote for justifiable reasons, please contact the lecturer and the lab manager at once to discuss arrangements.


Course TAs: Ivan Abraham, Mishal Assif; Lab TAs: Usman Ahmed Syed, Yinai Fan, Mao, Yu; (zoom) office hours, – see the lab page.


There will be 9 homework assignments (one worst grade discarded), one midterm (take home) and one final test (take home as well). Total grade is 20%*HW+30%*Lab+20%*midterm+30%*final.


should be submitted via gradescope, the deadlines set here. Late submissions won’t be accepted. Submissions should be in pdf, generated from markdown or LaTeX source. Exceptions should be requested with justification.

Quite a few of assignments require a bit of computing, – the default medium is Matlab; however other options (python or Mathematica notebooks) are also acceptable.


Franklin, Powell, and Emami-Naeini, Feedback Control of Dynamic Systems, Prentice Hall (the book has a page, with a lot of useful augmenting material).

You will also need the lab manual prior to the first meeting of the lab.

Additional (freely available) book: Aström and Murray, Feedback Systems: An Introduction for Scientists and Engineers.

Academic integrity etc

The usual expectations apply. In case of trouble, contact your course fellows, TAs, lecturer. Use piazza. Check FAQ and manuals. Don’t panic.

Make sure you are aware of these statements.