past teaching

summer’21: a short online course on Algebra and Geometry of Analytic Combinatorics in Several Variables at Kyushu University

spring’21 Math444, Elementary Real Analysis

fall’20 ECE486, Introduction into Control Systems


half semester course on ADTDA





fall 18

Math487/ECE493 and ECE515.

fall’17 and spring’18

sabbatical (at U Penn and U Bremen, with a stop at IIT Mumbay).

spring ’17

ECE493, a.k.a. MATH487, and ECE313.

spring ’16

ECE490, Introduction to Optimization and MATH595, Applied Topology.

fall ’15

I had a teaching release – thanks to CAS!

spring ’15

A section of ECE313: Probability with Engineering Applications – this course leaves nothing to chance!

fall ’14