Course Contents

The course consists of 5 modules:

Module 1: Principles of WZ Traffic flow and “The Rule”

Brief introduction to the following topics: traffic flow concepts, transportation management plan (The Rule), temporary traffic control, WZ capacity and factors affecting it, WZ analysis procedures and queue concepts.

Module 2 : Input-Output Methods Or Freeval-WZ

Hands-on training on how to use two input-output methods (such as QDAT and MODOT spreadsheets, etc.) or Freeval-WZ, solve in-class example problems using the programs, learn how to use the tools for making decisions on construction and contracting methods, or planning and evaluation of mitigation strategies.

Module 3: Capacity Calculation Methods in HCM 2016

Learn the work zone capacity analysis methods in the Highway Capacity Manual (HCM 2016). Hands-on training on how to use the updated procedures for freeways, urban streets, and one-lane two-way operation.

Module 4: Work Zone Q-Pro

Compute WZPM (capacity, speed, queue length, delay, and users’ costs) for dynamic queue where congestion grows and shrinks, speed of moving queue, and the extent of congestion in time and space.  Hands-on training on how to use Work ZoneQ-Pro for freeways, one-lane two way operations, and arterials with WZ in mid-block.

Module 5:  Traffic Management Strategies Using the Tools

Learn how to compare/select/use the tools to evaluate traffic management strategies such as number of lanes closed, lane closure time, effects of diversion, or implementation of ITS in managing back of queue and delay.  Several WZ scenarios are discussed and example problems are presented.


Download the spreadsheets/software

You may download files used in this training class using the following link.

After you click on the above link,  a page called “Work Zone Analytical Methods 1-2019” opens up. After clicking download, a screen pops up saying “Your Download is In Progress”. You can close the pop-up screen . After download is completed, you need to extract the files.