Undergraduate Student – Lauren Brunk

About Lauren Brunk

Email: lbrunk2@illinois.edu

Department: Agricultural, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences

  • Major: Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences, concentration in Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology
  • Minor: Spatial and Quantitative Methods in Natural Resources
  • Certification: Environmental Writing


I am currently an undergraduate completing a major in NRES, and I’m expected to graduate in May 2023. I plan on going to graduate school with the ultimate goal of becoming a wildlife biologist. I have worked in the Wildlife Veterinary Epidemiology Laboratory since Fall 2020, which has strengthened my skills in data organization, tissue sampling, anatomy, and problem solving. Collaborating with individuals from a variety of majors and backgrounds has developed a strong foundation in communication and understanding wildlife epidemiology. This lab has also given me valuable perspectives in managing prevalent wildlife diseases throughout the Midwest. As a James Scholar, I plan on developing an individual project to deepen my understanding of a specific facet of wildlife disease. I look forward to completing hands-on fieldwork and fortifying my skills in wildlife behavior and management!