Undergraduate Student – YiYing Tung

About Yi Ying Tung

Email: yytung2@illinois.edu


Department: Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences

  • Major: Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences – Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology; Pre-Vet


I am an undergraduate James Scholar student interested in veterinary practices and planning on continuing in a DVM program after graduation (expected graduation May 2022). I started working in the Wildlife Veterinary Epidemiology Lab the summer after my freshman year. While working in this lab, my knowledge of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) deepened, and I learned and practiced the skills of collaboration and communication. I also participated in projects such as Vertical Transmission of CWD in With-Tailed Deer for the James Scholar Undergraduate Research and the Morphological Characteristics of White-tailed deer Fetuses for the Undergraduate Research Symposium at the University of Illinois. These are all invaluable experiences that will strengthen my science background and provide guidance in pursuing a career in wildlife veterinary.