Undergraduate Student – Nora Ryan

About Nora Ryan

Email: nryan6@illinois.edu

Department: Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences

    • Major: Animal Sciences; Pre-Veterinary Concentration.


I am an undergraduate student majoring in animal sciences with a concentration in pre-veterinary medicine. I am interested in pursuing vet school after my expected graduation date in May 2023. I started working in the Wildlife Veterinary Epidemiology Lab in September of 2021. I have gained valuable experience collaborating with researchers and learning about the effects CWD has on white-tailed deer. I have also gained valuable skills in data entry and tissue sampling. I am currently working on a project that studies the associated polymorphisms in the shadow prion protein gene between CWD positive and negative white-tailed deer. I am looking forward to presenting my project at the UIUC Undergraduate Research Symposium and the Illinois Chapter of the Wildlife Society meeting.