What Is publish?

What publish.illinois.edu is

publish.illinois.edu (sometimes referred to as PIE) is a WordPress multisite network of over 6000 individual WordPress web sites. Publish is meant to be an easy-to-use, self-service system for creating web sites and pages. It is an excellent web hosting choice if:

  • You don’t want to worry about WordPress installation, setup, backups, updates, or anything but your own content (we handle all that system administration work for you on publish)
  • The University of Illinois WordPress Theme or latest Twenty-X theme fits your needs
  • The plugins currently available on publish meet your needs*

What publish.illinois.edu isn’t 

We limit the number of options to make it easier to support at scale (did we mention it has over 6,000 sites on it? ; ). It isn’t meant to host:

  • Sites that need unique or custom themes or specialized plugins (try WordPress on cPanel – web.illinois.edu ! : )
  • File hosting, especially large or numerous files (try Box)
  • Video hosting (Check out Kaltura/mediapsace)

*Some plugins can be added by request, restrictions apply, service not available outside the multiverse