[July 2022] Wang Lab has received a CCIL Bridge Grant to support our cancer immunotherapy project. Cheers and keep going!

[July 2022] Rimsha has been selected as a Tissue Microenvironment (TiME) Training Program Trainee at CCIL, which will support her salary and graduate training for up to two years. Cheers!

[July 2022] Joonsu’s research article entitled “A Double Crosslinking¬†Adhesion Mechanism for Developing Tough Hydrogel Adhesives” has been accepted. Cheers!

[July 2022] Our exosome vaccine project has been selected for funding by the C*STAR Program in CCIL and Carle. Cheers!

[June 2022] Joonsu and Rimsha’s paper entitled “In Situ Dendritic Cell Recruitment and T Cell Activation for Cancer Immunotherapy” has been accepted. Cheers!

[June 2022] Our patent entitled “Trigger-Activatable Metabolic Sugar Precursors for Cancer-Selective Labeling and Targeting” has now been granted by China, following the issuance by U.S. and Japan in 2021.

[June 2022] Prof. Wang has been selected as an ECR board member for Materials Today Bio. Looking forward to contributing more to the Biomaterials community!

[May 2022] Yang’s review article on Materials-Based Vaccines for Infectious Diseases has been accepted. Cheers!

[May 2022] Rimsha and JoonSu’s research article on reversible chemical tag for cancer targeting has been published in Journal of Controlled Release! Cheers!

[April 2022] Yang has won the Racheff Intel Award. Congrats Yang!

[November 2021] Wang Lab has received the prestigious NSF CAREER award. Cheers!

[November 2021] Prof. Wang gave a colloquium talk in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Ohio State University. Thanks OSU for the invitation and warm hosting!

[October 2021] Joon Su passed his Biomaterials qual exam in MatSE. Congrats Joon Su!

[August 2021] New Graduate Student Yusheng Liu has joined our group! Welcome Yusheng!

[July 2021] Rimsha has passed her Biomaterials qual exam in MatSE. Congrats Rimsha!

[July 2021] Graduate Student Yang Bo has joined the group! Welcome Yang!

[June 2021] Rimsha and JoonSu have passed their Polymer Chemistry qual exam in MatSE Department. Congrats Rimsha and JoonSu!

[November 2020] Our Viewpoint Article entitled “Immune Cell Homing Biomaterials for Immunotherapy” has been accepted by Accounts of Materials Research!

[October 2020] Our in situ cancer vaccine paper entitled “Biomaterial-Based Scaffold for In Situ Chemo-Immunotherapy to Treat Poorly Immunogenic Tumors” has been accepted by Nature Communications!

[October 2020] Our review article entitled ”Metabolic Glycan Labeling for Cancer-Targeted Therapy” has been accepted by¬†Nature Chemistry!

[August 2020] New graduate students Rimsha and Joon Su joined the lab!

[July 2020] Nature Methods highlighted our dendritic cell metabolic labeling and targeting work recently published in Nature Materials. Check out here:

[May 2020] Our Nature Materials paper is now online! We reported a technology, based on immune cell-homing biomaterials and metabolic sugar labeling, to metabolically label, track, and target dendritic cells in vivo. This technology has great potential to improve a variety of immunotherapies in the context of different diseases including cancers.

[May 2020] Wang Research Lab will officially open in August 2020!