[April 2024] We have received a DoD CDMRP Kidney cancer Idea Development Award. Our lab’s first grant from CDMRP program! Cheers!

CCIL Members Awarded DOD Funding to Pursue Kidney Cancer Immunotherapy

[April 2024] Prof. Wang received the Grainger College of Engineering Award for Excellence in Research. Cheers!


[February 2024] We have filed our 8th patent application entitled “METHODS AND KITS FOR REDUCING THE RISK OF ALLOGRAFT REJECTION”. Provisional Patent Application No. 63/550,246. Cheers!

[Feb 2024] Yang’s paper on adipocyte-based targetable drug depot has been published. Cheers!

[Feb 2024] We welcome Postdoc Yuan Liu to the group!

[January 2024] David has passed his Biomaterials qual exam. He is officially a MatSE PhD candidate now. Congrats David!

[Dec 2023] Drug Discovery News highlighted our recent cancer stem cell labeling and targeting work published in PNAS. Check out the nicely written article:

[Dec 2023] Check out the beautiful news article on our recent EV tagging technology and EV-based cancer vaccine:

Hacking Cell Communication: Researchers Develop Promising Cancer Vaccine

[Dec 2023] Our review article entitled “Biomarkers and Targeted Therapy for Cancer Stem Cells” is online now.

[Nov 2023] Our exosome metabolic tagging and cancer vaccine paper, led by graduate student Rimsha, has been accepted by Nature Communications. Cheers!

[Nov 2023] Yusheng has won the CCIL Graduate Cancer Scholarship Award. Cheers!

[Nov 2023] Prof. Wang chaired “Engineering microorganisms for novel chemistry and interactions” and “New approaches for gene and protein regulation; Cell-free systems and DNA assembly platforms” sessions at 2023 AIChE Annual Conference.

[Oct 2023] Prof. Wang delivered a colloquium talk in the Department of Pathobiological Science at the Louisiana State University. Thanks for the hospitality and all the great discussions!

[Oct 2023] Prof. Qian Chen, Prof. Aditi Das, and Prof. Hua Wang have received an AFOSR grant to explore nanoscale imaging of molecules and cells. Cheers!

[Oct 2023] Graduate student Rimsha is highlighted in the College of Engineering news story:

[Oct 2023] Check out the news article on our new joint center for mRNA-based cancer immunotherapy.

[Oct 2023] Prof. Wang received the CMBE Young Innovator Award at BMES Conference. And half of the lab attended the BMES annual conference!

[Sep 2023] Joonsu has passed his PhD Preliminary Exam at MatSE UIUC. Cheers!

[Sep 2023] David Zhou has passed his Polymer Synthesis qual. Cheers!

[Sep 2023] Dhyanesh has passed his Biomaterials and Polymer Synthesis quals. He is officially a PhD candidate of MatSE UIUC now. Cheers!

[Sep 2023] Rimsha has passed her PhD Preliminary Exam at MatSE UIUC. Cheers!

[Sep 2023] Check out the news article on our recent Nat Commun paper:

Metabolic Glycan Labeling Approach Shows Promise for Improving Dendritic Cell Vaccines

[Sep 2023] Check out the news article on our recent PNAS paper:

Researchers Develop a ‘Sweet’ Strategy for Targeted Cancer Therapeutics through Unnatural Sugar Metabolic Labeling

[August 2023] Joonsu’s paper entitled “Metabolic Glycan Labeling Immobilizes Dendritic Cell Membrane and Enhances Antitumor Efficacy of Dendritic Cell Vaccine” has been accepted by Nature Communications. Congrats to all coauthors. Cheers!

[August 2023] Congrats to our lab’s first high-school researcher Emily who will join Princeton CBE Program as an undergrad from August 2023. Emily has been an excellent labmate since she joined us in 2021. Check out Emily’s story here [Link]

[July 2023] Yueji’s Review article entitled “Lymph Node Targeting For Immunotherapy” has been accepted. Cheers!

[June 2023] Dr. Wang was selected by NAE to partake in The Grainger Foundation Frontiers of Engineering 2023 Symposium. Cheers! [Link]

[June 2023] Yang’s paper on cancer stem cell labeling and targeting has been accepted by PNAS. Congrats Yang and cheers!

[June 2023] Joonsu and Rimsha’s paper on bioadhesive macroporous hydrogel has been accepted by Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering. Cheers!

[May 2023] Congrats to Yang Bo who passed his PhD final defense! Our first PhD graduate from the group!

[May 2023] Welcome two new graduate students, Daniel and David, to the group!

[April 2023] Rimsha was selected as a 2023 Rising Scholar in BME Regional Career Conference. She will present her research at Minneapolis on June 21 – 23, 2023. Congrats Rimsha!

[February 2023] Wang Lab has received the NOA for an NCI R21 grant. Cheers! Here is the news article [Link]

File:National Cancer Institute logo.svg - Wikimedia Commons

[February 2023] Joonsu Han has won the Conference Presentation Award from the Graduate College. Congrats Joonsu and Cheers! [Link]

[February 2023] Prof. Wang has been named as a Scialog Fellow and will attend the Scialog Microbiome, Neurobiology and Disease Meeting in April 2023. [Link]

[January 2023] Yang’s Review article entitled “Biomaterial-Based In Situ Cancer Vaccine” has been accepted by Advanced Materials. Congrats Yang!

[December 2022] Rimsha, Joonsu, Yusheng and Yang’s research article entitled “T Cell-Responsive Macroporous Hydrogels for In Situ T Cell Expansion and Enhanced Antitumor Efficacy” has been accepted by Biomaterials. Cheers!

[December 2022] Rimsha received the Travel Scholarship for the 4th Immune Modulation and Engineering Symposium to be held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Congrats Rimsha!!

[November 2022] Prof. Wang delivered a talk at MRS Fall meeting in Boston, MA.

[November 2022] Prof. Wang delivered a talk at AIChE annual meeting in Phoenix, AZ.

[October 2022] Prof. Wang served as a co-Chair for “Molecular and Immunoengineering II” session and delivered a talk at BMES annual conference. Wang lab graduate students Rimsha and Joonsu delivered oral presentations, and Yang and Yusheng also gave poster presentations! Wang Lab high-school researcher Emily Chen gave an impressive poster presentation!!

[October 2022] We, together with Prof. Cecilia Leal at MatSE, received a Carver Charitable Trust Grant to purchase an Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA) equipment, which will be placed in MRL.

[October 2022] Our NCI R21 proposal on tumor exosome vaccines received perfect 1% score! Cheers!

[October 2022] Yusheng has passed his Polymer qual. He is now officially a PhD candidate of Materials Science and Engineering. Cheers!

[September 2022] Check out the news article about our recently awarded 2.26 M NCI R01 award:

[September 2022] Yusheng’s research article entitled “Targeted Delivery of Liposomal Chemo-Immunotherapy for Cancer Treatment” has been accepted. Cheers!

[September 2022] Yusheng Has passed his Biomaterials qual exam in MatSE. Congrats Yusheng!

[September 2022] Wang Lab receives the first R01 grant from NCI! This 5-year grant will support our cancer immunotherapy projects! Cheers!! The Lab is now officially supported by both NSF and NIH!

File:National Cancer Institute logo.svg - Wikimedia Commons

[August 2022] New Graduate students Yueji and David have joined the lab! Welcome!!

[July 2022] Wang Lab has received a CCIL Bridge Grant to support our cancer immunotherapy project. Cheers and keep going! [Link]

Cancer Center at Illinois (@CancerCenterIL) / Twitter

[July 2022] Rimsha has been selected as a Tissue Microenvironment (TiME) Training Program Trainee at CCIL, which will support her salary and graduate training for up to two years. Cheers!

[July 2022] Joonsu’s research article entitled “A Double Crosslinking Adhesion Mechanism for Developing Tough Hydrogel Adhesives” has been accepted. Cheers!

[July 2022] Our exosome vaccine project has been selected for funding by the C*STAR Program in CCIL and Carle. Cheers!

Cancer Center at Illinois (@CancerCenterIL) / Twitter

[June 2022] Joonsu and Rimsha’s paper entitled “In Situ Dendritic Cell Recruitment and T Cell Activation for Cancer Immunotherapy” has been accepted. Cheers!

[June 2022] Our patent entitled “Trigger-Activatable Metabolic Sugar Precursors for Cancer-Selective Labeling and Targeting” has now been granted by China, following the issuance by U.S. and Japan in 2021.

[June 2022] Prof. Wang has been selected as an ECR board member for Materials Today Bio. Looking forward to contributing more to the Biomaterials community!

[May 2022] Yang’s review article on Materials-Based Vaccines for Infectious Diseases has been accepted. Cheers!

[May 2022] Rimsha and Joonsu’s research article on reversible chemical tag for cancer targeting has been published in Journal of Controlled Release! Cheers!

[April 2022] Yang has won the Racheff Intel Award. Congrats Yang!

[November 2021] Wang Lab has received the prestigious NSF CAREER award. Cheers!

National Science Foundation CAREER Award - Wikipedia

[November 2021] Prof. Wang gave a colloquium talk in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Ohio State University. Thanks OSU for the invitation and warm hosting!

[October 2021] Joonsu passed his Biomaterials qual exam in MatSE. Congrats Joon Su!

[August 2021] New Graduate Student Yusheng Liu has joined our group! Welcome Yusheng!

[July 2021] Rimsha has passed her Biomaterials qual exam in MatSE. Congrats Rimsha!

[July 2021] Graduate Student Yang Bo has joined the group! Welcome Yang!

[June 2021] Rimsha and Joonsu have passed their Polymer Chemistry qual exam in MatSE Department. Congrats Rimsha and Joonsu!

[November 2020] Our Viewpoint Article entitled “Immune Cell Homing Biomaterials for Immunotherapy” has been accepted by Accounts of Materials Research!

[October 2020] Our in situ cancer vaccine paper entitled “Biomaterial-Based Scaffold for In Situ Chemo-Immunotherapy to Treat Poorly Immunogenic Tumors” has been accepted by Nature Communications! News highlight:

[October 2020] Our review article entitled ”Metabolic Glycan Labeling for Cancer-Targeted Therapy” has been accepted by Nature Chemistry!

[August 2020] New graduate students Rimsha and Joonsu joined the lab!

[July 2020] Nature Methods highlighted our dendritic cell metabolic labeling and targeting work recently published in Nature Materials. Check out here: News highlight:

[May 2020] Our Nature Materials paper is now online! We reported a technology, based on immune cell-homing biomaterials and metabolic sugar labeling, to metabolically label, track, and target dendritic cells in vivo. This technology has great potential to improve a variety of immunotherapies in the context of different diseases including cancers.

[May 2020] Wang Research Lab will officially open in August 2020!