Congrats to our recent graduates!

Congratulations to Yujie Shao, Jingyu He, and Zack Lively on their graduation!

Yujie and Zack received a Distinction award for their theses!  Yujie was also awarded the Eriksen Award by the program area of Attention and Perception. Zack was awarded the distinguished Janet Tritsch Memorial Award for best research by an undergraduate student and the Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award in Cognitive Psychology.

Next Fall, Yujie will be attending the Information Science program at Cornell Tech. Jingyu will be attending the University of Michigan for a Master of Science in Information. Zack will be the lab manager for Preeti Verghese at the Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute.

Congrats to Everyone!! And Best of Lucks on your new Endeavors! We will miss you all very much!!!


There is a new doctor in town!

We can now proudly announce that Zhiyuan (Marshall) Wang successfully defended his dissertation and is now a Doctor! After having completed an extended stay at YouTube during his final year in our Ph. D. program, this newly-minted Dr. is now working at AliBaba in the Bay Area.  Congratulations! We will miss you, Dr. Wang!

Congrats to our recent graduates!

Congratulations to Aidan Healy, Alessandra Lanier, Tony Jiahao Zhou, and Xue Yan Chen on their graduation!!

Aidan and Tony received a Distinction award for their theses. Tony was also awarded the Christopher Wickens Award by the Program Area of Attention and Perception and the Janet Tritsch Memorial Award for his research in our lab!! Congrats!

Alessandra is headed to the University of Denver where she will join the Master program in Child, Family, and School Psychology. Tony will be attending Cornell University for a Master in Information Science. Xue will be joining the Master program in Human Centered Design & Engineering at the University of Washington. Good luck to Aidan in his gap year.

We are so proud of all of you!!