Yiwen Wang just completed her Master of Science in Psychological Science while doing research in the Vision Lab. We are very excited to announce that Yiwen has accepted an offer to do her Ph.D. with Prof. Diane Beck here at Illinois. Great job!!!

Congratulations to Yinuo Peng  on her graduation! Yinuo received the Eriksen Award by the program area of Attention and Perception for excellence in undergraduate research. Yinuo will join the Master of Science in Psychological Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign next year! Congratulations and good luck!!!


Congratulations Dr. Madison and Dr. Ng!!

We had two students defend their dissertation during the pandemic. Dr. Anna Madison has now joined the Air Force Academy as a post-doc with the Warfighter Effectiveness Research Center (WERC).  Dr. Gavin Ng is now a Senior Data Scientist at Grab, Singapore.

Congratulations! We are very proud of you and we wish you best of luck in your futures careers.


Congratulations to Julia Conti, Zuhan Lin, and Daniel Jo Heeseong on their graduation!

Julia joined the Cognitive Psychology PhD program at Carnegie Mellon University.  She is working under Jessica Cantlon in the CAOs Lab.

Zuhan is attending the Professional Master of Computer Science (MCS) here at UIUC. Zuhan achieved University Honors (Bronze Tablet) for graduation and was also  awarded the Eriksen Award by the program area of Attention and Perception for her undergraduate research.

Daniel graduated from an interdisciplinary Psychology major and a Criminology, law, and society minor. He is currently studying for LSAT full-time as he prepares to apply to law schools.

Congrats to Everyone!! And Best of Lucks on your new Endeavors! We will miss you all very much!!!