Co-directors of the Vision Lab

Alejandro Lleras, Ph.D. Alejo’s Psychology webpage.

Simona Buetti, Ph.D. Simona’s Psychology webpage.

Lab members

Graduate Students

Andrea (Yaoyun) Cui, link to UIUC Psychology website

Howard Tan, link to UIUC Psychology website

Rachel Heaton, link to UIUC Psychology website

Zoe (Jing) Xu, links to  UIUC Psychology and personal websites

Undergraduate Students

Araditta (Dita) Lyer

Hetansh Trivedi

Julianna Ma

Kai Zhao

Larissa Dolcos

Moxie Ortiz

Ohhyun Kwon

Tavishi Nikunj Saraf

Yue Peng

Zoey (Zixuan) Wu


Brain and Cognitive Development Lab, Daniel Hyde

Cognitive & Affective Neuroscience of Psychophatology Lab, Wendy Heller

Relational Reasoning Laboratory, John Hummel

SCOPE Neuroscience Lab, Florin and Sanda Dolcos


PhD Students

Gavin Ng (2021)- Grab, Singapore

Anna Madison, (2020) – Air Force Academy, Postdoc

Marshall Zhiyuan Wang (2019) – Alibaba

Deborah Cronin (2018) – UC Davis, Postdoc

Undergraduate Students

Zuhan Lin (2021) – University of Illinois, Master in Computer Science

Julia Conti (2020) – Carnegie Mellon University, PhD program in the CAOS Lab

Zack Lively (2020) – lab manager for Preeti Verghese at the Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute in San Francisco.

Jingyu He (2020) – University of Michigan, Master of Science in Information

Yujie Shao (2020) – Cornell Tech, Information Science program

Sue XueYan Chen (2019) – University of Washington, Masters in Human Centered Design & Engineering

Michael Budianto (2018) – Vanderbilt University, PhD in Psychology

Alessandra Lainer (2019) – University of Denver,  Masters in Child, Family, and School Psychology

Karen Yuan (2018) – Yale University,  Masters in Public Health

Tony Jiahao Zhou (2019) – Cornell University,  Masters in Information Science