Information and Intelligence Group

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


The group works closely with a small number of industrial partners with whom we have identified common interests and goals.  If your company would like to become an industrial partner, feel free to contact us directly.

We also gratefully acknowledge the financial support of private and governmental sponsors.  Topics of grants/gifts include the following.

National Science Foundation
• “Foundations of Belief Sharing in Human-Machine Systems,” 2017-2020
• “Towards an Information Theory of Attention,” 2016-2018
• “Food and Data: Interoperability through the Food Pipeline,” [Midwest Big Data Hub and CCC] 2016
• “Matching Non-Native Transcribers to the Distinctive Features of the Language Transcribed,” 2015-2018

• “Systems on Nanoscale Information fabriCs (SONIC) Center,” 2014-2017
• “Energy Efficient Image Storage and Compression with RRAM Arrays,” 2017

• “Center for Cognitive Computing Systems Research,” 2016-2021
• “Toward Cognitive Systems for Scientific Discovery,” [IBM Faculty Award] 2014

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
• “Compression of Structural, Cartographic, and Multimodal Cell Data,” 2018-2019

FACE Foundation (Thomas Jefferson Fund)
• “Reliable Artificial Intelligence on Energy-Efficient Hardware,” 2018-2020

Air Force Research Laboratory
• “UMIMMI: Universal Multivariate Information Measures for Multisensor Inference,” [Phase I] 2016-2017
• “UMIMMI: Universal Multivariate Information Measures for Multisensor Inference,” [Phase II] 2017-2019

USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture
• “Comparative Connectome of the Soybean Cyst Nematode and Establishment of an Online Anatomical Atlas,” 2018-2019

Siebel Energy Institute
• “Incentives, Choices, and Analytics for Electric Vehicle Fleets in Jointly Managing Urban Traffic and the Smart Grid,” 2017

Illinois OTM
• “Machine Learning for Nanopore Bio-Detection,” [I-POC Award] 2016-2017

Los Alamos National Laboratory
• “Computational Creativity for Materials,” 2016

Illinois Learning Science Design Initiative
• “Investigating the Neural Correlates of Learning in Cognitive Training,” 2015