Nature-based solutions

Walder project:

From Science to Nature-Based Solutions in the Chicago Region — Addressing Resiliency and Sustainability in the Face of a Changing Climate

Some of the regional, sectoral infrastructures and assets in the Chicago region that are likely to be impacted by climate change, including transportation, hospitals and drinking water. (drinking water source is a combination of groundwater, river water, and Lake Michigan water). Figure credit Hamed Ibrahim

This project is aimed at identifying and assessing optimum nature-based solutions to build environmental and social resilience in the Chicago region to present and future climate extremes, viz., extreme heat, flooding, and air quality. We focus on current climate and future projections. This project uses urban climate models to identify gaps and opportunities to potentially design, test and evaluate nature-based solutions to mitigate adverse impacts of climate change in vulnerable Chicago-region communities. The project also involves an inclusive approach of engagement with regional stakeholders and experts along with our science team.