Library Support for Undergraduate Research – A blog post written by Merinda Hensley of the Scholarly Commons in the University Library for the Undergraduate Research at Illinois blog. This post highlights many useful resources authors can use while drafting their papers and conducting research–subject specialist librarians, Savvy Researcher workshops, resource guides, the Scholarly Commons, and much more!

Harriett Green, English and Digital Humanities Librarian of the University Library, constructed the following documents to assist undergraduate authors in their research:

How to Evaluate Sources
Introduction to Library Research Strategies
Topic Map Worksheet
For the extensive Powerpoint on research methods, click here

Take a look at the Workbook Forms made available from Dr. Wendy Belcher‘s Writing Your Journal Article in Twelve Weeks: A Guide to Academic Publishing Success: We highly recommend utilizing the “Designing your Plan for Writing” and “Reviewing the Related Literature” templates to organize your research.