The UGL’s Guide to Fall Break

Who’s ready for fall break?

Image of Uggles laying on top of a fruit and vegetable basket

Uggles is allowed on the dining table

Whether you’re staying in the Champaign-Urbana area or traveling away, here are some UGL-approved ideas of how to spend your week of freedom before the final exam crunch begins!

Reading for FUN

A gif image of a cat reading

Plenty to read is available for you and your cat

Missing the good old days of summer when you could read what you wanted, not what your professor assigned? Before you head out of town, stop by the UGL to check out popular novels, graphic novels, and more.

  • Find out more about our Fiction collection, or browse our genre binders on the lower level.
  • If you have a specific book in mind, try searching the Library Catalog to see where to find it.
  • If you’re more of an e-book kind of person, check out our Finding Ebooks guide and find the book for you.

eAudio Books

Screenshot of the rb Digital library for Ebooks

The rb Digital ebook library

The library has an eAudio collection with thousands of audiobooks you can access to make tedious chores or long car rides less boring. Head to the link above for a guide to using this collection, or go straight to the library catalog listing. Once you click “Online Access,” you’ll be brought to a site called rb digital where you can browse or search for books.

Explore C-U

The Explore C-U homepage

Explore C-U

Whether you’re stuck on campus over break or just happen to have family in the area, check out Explore C-U, a University Library developed project that has stories and self-guided tour routes to learn more about the arts, culture, and history of Champaign-Urbana. Examples of tour include:

School Stuff

Maybe you’ve been putting off that research paper, or maybe you just really love your classes. Whatever the reason, know that you still have access to the library’s databases and resources when you’re out of town and off-campus!

Gif of a cat using a laptop and a mouse

Digital access to all of the library’s resources

Start from the library’s home page and find whatever database or journal you need. You’ll be prompted to log in with your NetID and password, then you are good to go. If this doesn’t work, pop in the Ask A Librarian chat on the library’s website for help or check out our guide on accessing databases off campus for other ways you can connect.

Take a little cat nap!

Gif of two very cuddly and very sleep cats yawning

A few extra cat naps over break will be welcome

Whatever you choose, we hope you enjoy the time off and come back refreshed and ready to tackle all of your end-of-semester projects and final exams.

~authored by Amy

~Edited by Zander

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Hello hello!

Photo of Undergraduate Library in the sunshine

Sweet sunshiny days at the UGL.

Welcome back, UGLers! Or, if you’re visiting us for the first time, hello and welcome to the UGL! We hope you got the most out of your summer and are ready to dive into the busyness of a new semester. If you want to come visit us this week (and of course you do) here are our hours through September 3rd:

Monday -Thursday (August 26-29): Open 8 am to midnight
Friday, August 30: Open 8 am to 10 pm
Saturday, August 31: Open 10 am to 10 pm 
Sunday, Sept. 1: Open 10 am to midnight
Monday, Sept. 2: CLOSED for Labor Day 
Tuesday, Sept. 3: Open at 8:00am and begin the regular fall schedule

By “regular fall schedule,” we mean that starting on the 3rd, we’ll be open 24 hours during the week (Sunday through Thursday) and open until 2 am on Friday and Saturday nights. Just our usual around-the-clock gig!

We’ve made some changes around here over the summer, and have lots of stuff we’re excited to share with you. Keep checking our blog here every week to make sure you catch it all. You can also:

Let’s make the rest of 2013 the best we can, Club UGL.


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