Pet De-Stress Event

Finals season is upon us once again, and this year– somehow– it’s more stressful than ever. But never fear, the UGL is here to help! No, we can’t take your final exams for you (although we do have study spaces available for all your last-minute cramming needs). What we can do is provide something just as wonderful as that feeling of turning in your last assignment: puppies! For one afternoon, library employees and some of our campus partners are (virtually) opening their homes and sharing their adorable puppies with the world. Word on the street is there will also be at least one horse in attendance. We’re not saying it’s Lil’ Sebastian, but we’re not saying it’s NOT Lil’ Sebastian… Here are just a few of our featured guests:

          (Phoebe)                         (Rue and Indy)                            (Elmo and Viago)

“When and how can I see these marvelous creatures?!” you may be asking yourself. Like every other event this semester, our de-stress fest will take place via Zoom. It will run from 1-4 PM on December 10th, the first day of reading period. In addition to live footage of pets performing tricks and goofing around, there will be short presentations from campus figures such as Professor Jane Desmond (with canine companion Shanti) discussing the relationship between pets and stress levels and UIPD Chief Alice Cary with therapy dog Archie. 

If you’d like to see the line-up of events, or just peruse more puppy pics, check out the event guide! You can register here if you’d like to stop by, or even stay for the whole afternoon. See you there!


Written by: Hannah

Edited by: Ryan

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