A taste of fall

With the rapidly changing weather come holidays that boast sweets and treats to make your mouth water. (Not to mention the desire to snuggle under a blanket with some hot cider and something freshly baked.) If you need to impress your friends with your stellar baking skills, check out these recipes from the UGL staff guaranteed to be easy and tiny-college-kitchen-approved.

Picture of cake

This cake is crazy (good).

Even if you’re Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen, you may find yourself stymied by your tiny apartment or res hall kitchen, with no room for fancy cooking gadgets and nonexistent counter space. These college-friendly recipes are quick, easy, and tasty. And we’ve got something for everyone.

Love that it’s apple season? Try Zoe’s Apple Right Side Up Cake, or Lauren’s Apple Crisp. Need something other than apples to satisfy your sweet tooth? Jessica makes a Crazy Cake that’s crazy easy. Or consider whipping up some super Simple Shortbread Cookies, a favorite of David’s, or Holly’s Lemon Poppyseed Bread. If you’re craving sweet and salty, Susan puts bacon in her Rice Krispie Treats (and we promise you’ll love it).

microwave breakfast bars recipe

Kick start your day with Quetzalli’s Microwave Breakfast Bars

Want something a little more hearty to share at your party? Lori has served up some Congri that’ll please the crowd. Or try Madeline’s Taco Salad Dip, which never seems to last very long. Have too many chips and not enough dip? Bernita makes a mean BLT dip and Gregg loves Gert’s Egg Paste that will dress up your crackers nicely.

snack wraps recipe

Pam’s Snack Wraps will have you looking like a pro.

If none of these get you drooling (Are you sure?), check out our Fall Recipes Pinterest board to really stretch your cooking and baking muscles. We’ve also recommended cookbooks that you can find in UIUC libraries. And while you’re there, explore our other boards, especially the one pointing you to even more cookbooks to suit every diet and palate.

You can find all the recipes below if you don’t want to go to Pinterest…but we have lots of cool stuff on our Pinterest, so maybe you should. Just a suggestion.

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