End of the semester survival guide

You might have missed it, but Chambana saw it’s first snowfall of the season this week. And that means that the end of the semester looms ever closer. Please, don’t panic. Follow our survival tips to make to the end of the semester with [most of] your sanity in tact.

Student surrounded by piles of books

Don’t worry. This doesn’t have to be you.

1. Have a plan. Maybe you’re an incessant list maker. Maybe you like to draw flow charts. Maybe highlighting and littering the margins of your class syllabi with notes is your way of organizing. Do you have a planner that Mom gave you when you left, and now is hidden under a pile of unwashed clothes in your room? Now would be a good time to bust it out. Whatever works for you, do it. Figure out what you have to get done and when each item is due. Write it down. Put it somewhere you’ll see it. This will help ensure you don’t forget about anything important.

2. Plan a study sesh. You’re probably not the only person in your class stressing about that comprehensive final in three (Really? Just three?!) weeks. Join forces to divide and conquer. If you want to get really ambitious, create yourself a Jeopardy game board and challenge each other. Losing team buys the pizza.

3. Stay healthy. With all the things you have to do, sometimes you feel like you don’t have time to eat or sleep. But nothing is more important to your brain health than keeping yourself well-nourished and getting a good night’s sleep.

4. Take a break. Sometimes, your mind just needs to kick back and play frisbee. So schedule yourself some downtime in between the madness. Indulge in your favorite movie (don’t forget the popcorn), play a video game (we’ve got a lot in the UGL you can check out), or get some facetime with your BFF you haven’t seen in days. You want to work hard, but don’t forget to play, too.

Stay strong, Club UGL. You’ll make it.

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