And we don’t stop

UGL from above, brightly lit at night.

Now that it’s almost finals week, the UGL is once again keeping its (admittedly very heavy) doors open all the time.  So!  No need to worry if you need a quiet place to pull an all-nighter (or a bustling place to keep you from snoozing when you should be studying)… we’ll be here.

Here’s the deal:  From now until Friday, May 11th at 7PM, the UGL is ALWAYS OPEN.

And in honor of all the hard work you’re doing, we’d like to share some sweet tips on how to make the most of your library experience during these trying times…

  • Do you need a collaboration room for a group project?  No problem!  Just remember that they tend to book up pretty quickly during finals week, so you’re best bet is to reserve one in advance.  Just call (or visit) the UGL circulation desk @ 333-3477 to make your reservation.
  • The lower level of the UGL is the quiet floor.  Especially during finals, people take the quiet mandate pretty seriously. To avoid scowls, scorn, and potential scandal, keep the talking to the upper level only. Seriously… it’s for your own good!
  • All-nighters are basically not doable without coffee and snacks.  That’s why the Espresso Royale location at the UGL will also be keeping it’s doors open 24/7 until Friday May 11th.  (OK… they’ll actually be closing each night for one hour from 12AM-1AM, and closed during the night on Saturday and Sunday).  Remember! Drinks (with lids) are OK in the library, but if you need to eat, please do so in the cafe area in front of Espresso.
  • You’re probably going to be clocking in some serious hours at the UGL, and you’re definitely going to need a break or two.  Don’t leave your stuff unattended! Remember, you can always check out a laptop lock at the circulation desk to ensure you’re computer is safe while you take a stroll or grab a bite to eat.
  • The UGL isn’t just for studying…we’re also here to help you unwind.  If you need to take your mind off finals, you can pick up a DVD, grab a good book, or take a gaming break.

We’re pulling for you! Try not to stress too much, and let us know if/how we can help make things easier! 



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