ELP Meeting Schedule for Fall 2019
– Every Wednesday (except the first Wednesday of the month) 4 – 5pm
– Location: FLB 4080A

Welcome to the Electrophysiology and Language Processing Lab at the University of Illinois.

We are a research lab in the Department of Linguistics and School of Languages, Cultures, and Linguistics at the University of Illinois. We have two research spaces. Our main lab is G73 in the basement of the Foreign Languages Building on the UIUC main campus, and our second space is located in room 1534 Beckman Institute. Our primary goals are to better understand the cognitive mechanisms and neural dynamics underlying language processing (primarily comprehension) in a range of populations, including monolinguals processing their native language, second language learners, and bilinguals.

We have equipment for recording electrophysiological signals (EEG/ERP), reaction time (manual response and voice key), and audio recordings. We work in close collaboration with the UIUC Second Language Acquisition and Bilingualism Lab and Educational Psycholinguistics Labs, both of which are equipped with EyeLink 1000 eye trackers and behavioral testing stations.

Our research is generously funded by grants from the
National Science Foundation (Grants BCS-1431324BCS-1528701, BCS-1627808).

We’re always looking for research volunteers, as well as interested students who would like to assist us and learn more about psycholinguistic and neurocognitive methods in linguistics.

Please feel free to contact lab director Prof. Jeffrey Green if you have any questions.