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For Fall 2020, we are looking for participants who speak Chinese (Mandarin)English, Korean, Spanish, Russian!

 (updated Sept. 3, 2020; check back frequently for updates!)

Heritage speakers, or learners of Chinese

  • Requirements:
    • be a heritage speaker (known as “ABCs”) who heard Mandarin since birth at home, but grew up in the US/Canada, and native(like) in English, or
    • be an English native speaker who learned Mandarin after middle school
  • Duration/Compensation:
    • English native speakers who learned Mandarin or Mandarin heritage speakers: 40-60 minutes for $10 or 120-150 minutes for $30 (or course credits)
  • Contact: Chung-yu Chen <> or sign up at (English speakers)

Native speakers of English, Mandarin Chinese, and Korean

  • Requirement: a native speaker of English, Mandarin Chinese, and Korean
  • Duration/Compensation: 60 minutes for English native speakers ($10 or course credit); 120 minutes for native speakers of Mandarin or Korean ($20 or course credit)

Learners/Heritage Speakers of Russian

  • Requirements: participants who can speak and write in Russian, but whose dominant language is English (or other languages)
  • Duration/Compensation: 45 minutes-1 hour for $15/extra credit for Russian courses. No need to come to the lab, just email to get the experiment link.
  • Contact:

Spanish Heritage Speakers

  • Be a heritage speaker of Spanish who grew up in the US in a Spanish-speaking household.
  • Has taken a Spanish class at some point (currently or in the past, high school included).
  • 5 minute background questionnaire (which can be done from any computer).
  • 5-10 minute pretest (which can be done from any computer).
  • (Possibly) a thirty-minute in-lab session at the Foreign Language Building.


Palestinian Arabic (online study)

  • Group 1: Grew up in the U.S. and spoke Palestinian Arabic at home
  • Group 2: Grew up in Palestine speaking Palestinian Arabic

For information on duration and compensation, please see the following link:


Other UIUC labs that recruit participants for language studies

Educational Psychology Subject Pool

UIUC Electrophysiology and Language Processing Lab (sign-up page)

Educational Psychology Psycholinguistics Lab (sign-up page): Currently seeking Chinese native speakers for two course credits

Illinois Phonetics & Phonology Lab (G90, FLB): for example, they are looking for Spanish native speakers

Please email <> to have your SLAB-based studies posted here.