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For Spring 2021, we are looking for participants who speak English, Spanish and Russian!

 (updated Mar. 24, 2021; check back frequently for updates!)

English speakers and learners/heritage speakers of Spanish

Group 1: Grew up in Illinois in a Spanish-speaking household
Group 2: Grew up in Illinois in an English-speaking household
Group 3: Grew up in Illinois in an English-speaking household and studied Spanish in high school or college

Participation: You will complete three online language questionnaires and describe a series of images while being audio recorded. You will receive 1% extra credit or $12 for completing all tasks. Total testing time is 60 minutes and will be conducted online (40 minutes) and in the Phonetics and Phonology Lab (G90) in the Foreign Languages Building (20 minutes).


Learning L2 Greek

You will be asked to complete a series of tasks to learn some Greek: read sentences on a computer monitor while your eye movements are recorded on an eye tracker, select the right image, write some sentences in Greek. After the reading portion you will complete a short language history questionnaire, and a brief survey. The experiment will take approximately 60 minutes to complete. You will receive one hour of course credit for each hour you spend on the experiment (up to 2 credits) OR $10; if you learn how Greek grammar works, you will also get $5 Bonus (course credit/$10 AND $5).


    • Must be a NATIVE SPEAKER of English.
    • Must NOT know any: Greek, German, Polish, Russian, Korean.
    • Open to adult participants, who can receive course credit and $5 for participation.
    • Open to participants with normal or corrected-to-normal vision (glasses, soft contacts; no hard contacts).




Learners/Heritage Speakers of Russian

  • Requirements: participants who can speak and write in Russian, but whose dominant language is English (or other languages)
  • Duration/Compensation: 45 minutes-1 hour for $15/extra credit for Russian courses. No need to come to the lab, just email to get the experiment link.
  • Contact:

Spanish Heritage Speakers

  • Be a heritage speaker of Spanish who grew up in the US in a Spanish-speaking household.
  • Has taken a Spanish class at some point (currently or in the past, high school included).
  • 5 minute background questionnaire (which can be done from any computer).
  • 5-10 minute pretest (which can be done from any computer).
  • (Possibly) a thirty-minute in-lab session at the Foreign Language Building.


Palestinian Arabic (online study)

  • Group 1: Grew up in the U.S. and spoke Palestinian Arabic at home
  • Group 2: Grew up in Palestine speaking Palestinian Arabic

For information on duration and compensation, please see the following link:


Other UIUC labs that recruit participants for language studies

Educational Psychology Subject Pool

UIUC Electrophysiology and Language Processing Lab (sign-up page)

Educational Psychology Psycholinguistics Lab (sign-up page): Currently seeking Chinese native speakers for two course credits

Illinois Phonetics & Phonology Lab (G90, FLB): for example, they are looking for Spanish native speakers

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