Useful Research Tools and Resources

Survey Tools

  • Survey Planet
  • Survey Gizmo
  • Qualtrics
    • Note: The functions of the free versions are limited. Students at UIUC College of LAS can request a licensed account of Survey Gizmo and Qualtrics from UIUC College of LAS Survey Research Tools. However, since this is a pilot program, the ATLAS Tech Support cannot say with certainty that the program will be renewed until the beginning of each semester. If/when they become aware that the pilot program will end, they will alert active users so they may take the appropriate steps to preserve their work.
  • UIUC CITL offers workshops and consultation on surveys.

Pictures resources (useful for creating pictures used in picture-based tasks)

Experiment Builders

Meeting scheduler tools (for scheduling participants)


Sound related

Lexical/Corpus Database

  • Wordbank: An open database of children’s vocabulary development
  • CELEX (Dutch, English, and German lexical database)
  • LEXIQUE (French lexical database)
  • CHILDES Child Language Data Exchange System

Research Compliance at UIUC

Other Language Labs at UIUC

Other (Second) Language Acquisition Labs in the U.S.

Other (Second) Language Acquisition Labs in the world