Current and Upcoming Research Projects


Word order and information structure in Russian as a second or heritage language

Tania Ionin (PI), Maria Goldshtein, Tatiana Luchkina and Sofya Styrina

This project examines whether second language learners and heritage speakers of Russian are aware of the relationship between word order (SVO vs. OVS) and information structure (given information before new) in Russian.


Comprehension, production and processing of plural marking in L2-English

Tania Ionin (PI), Mien-Jen Wu and Sea Hee Choi

This project investigates L1-Mandarin L2-English learners’ knowledge of English plural marking by probing plural marking in production, comprehension and processing; the goal is to provide a comprehensive picture of why learners face difficulties with English plural marking, and to inform theories of second language knowledge and processing.


Sensitivity to articles in L2-English

Tania Ionin (PI), Sea Hee Choi

This recently completed project examined whether L1-Korean and L1-Mandarin L2-English learners are sensitive to errors with English articles in both offline judgments (which target explicit knowledge) and online reading (which is more likely to target implicit or automatized knowledge). By examining contexts where Korean and Mandarin differ in their use of determiners and numerals, this project furthermore examined the possible role of L1-transfer.


Past Projects