Ongoing Events

Weekly Spring 2019 SLAB Meetings Time – FLB G70D – Wednesdays at 10 a.m.

Interested students and researchers are welcome to join Dr. Silvina Montrul and collaborators in discussing research happening in connection with the SLAB lab. Current projects include work on child L2 and heritage language acquisition, gender cues, differential object marking, and virtual reality.

Student members of Dr. Montrul’s group include Begoña Arechabaleta, Andrew Armstrong, Chung-yu Chen, Laura Cummings, Eider Etxebarria, Sara Fernandez, Ana Galdamez, Macarena Galvez, Irati Hurtado, Dawn Navejas, Kelsey Rademacher, Elias Shakkour, and Anna Tsiola.

Spring 2019 SLAB Meeting Topics (Wednesdays at 10 am)

1/16 – Organizational meeting

1/23 – No formal meeting

1/30 – No formal meeting

2/6 – No formal meeting

2/13 – Marissa Barlaz (Analyzing eye tracking data)

2/20 – Irati Hurtado Ruiz

2/27 – Elias Shakkour (The effect of full-immersion schooling on ultimate attainment, nativelikeness, and dominance in Arabic and English)

3/6 – Chung-yu Chen (Mandarin as a heritage language in multiple domains)

3/13 – Dawn Navejas (Minority Language Development in a Dual-Language Classroom)

3/27 – Noelia Sanchez Walker (Comprehension of Spanish relative and passive clauses by early bilinguals and second language learners)

4/3 – Begoña Arechabaleta (Processing of DOM in bilinguals)

4/10 – Eider Etxebarria-Zuluaga (Production of subject pronouns in bilingual and monolingual children)

4/17 – No formal meeting

4/24 – Laura Cummings (Speech perception in children)

5/1 – Marissa Barlaz (statistical analysis, topic TBA)


Fall 2018 SLAB Meeting Topics

9/19 – Discussion of Vasishth et al. (2018)

9/26 – Aylin Coskun Kunduz (The second language acquisition of inflectional morphology in Turkish)

10/3 – Noelia Sanchez Walker (Comprehension of Complex Clauses by L2 and HS of Spanish: Introduction, hypotheses and predictions)

10/10 – Irati Hurtado Ruiz (Learning Spanish datives through structural priming)

10/17 – Sara Fernandez (Examining the effects of  language instruction on the processing of morphological cues by Spanish L2 learners)

10/24 – No formal meeting

10/31 – Amber Dudley (Exploring the L2 acquisition and processing of the French subjunctive)

11/7 – Irati Hurtado Ruiz, Laura Cummings, Dr. Montrul

11/14 – Begoña Arechabaleta

11/21 – No formal meeting

11/28 – Laura Cummings (North Midland /u/-fronting and its Effect on Heritage Speakers of Spanish)

12/5 – Eider Etxebarria-Zuluaga (Translation-priming effects from Spanish to English and back)


Presentation Schedule Spring 2018:

1/17 – Introductory Meeting

1/19 at 12 p.m. – Francesco Romano (Statistics)

1/24 – Francesco Romano (The acquisition of direct object clitics in Italian) (held at Lucy Ellis Lounge)

1/31 – Irati Hurtado (Priming and dative clitics in Spanish)

2/7 – Anna Tsiola (Novel word learning in context: Comparing L1 and L2 processing)

2/14 – No formal meeting

2/21 – Andrew Armstrong (Literacy Effects on Language Acquisition and Sentence Processing in Adult L1 and School-Age Heritage Speakers of Spanish)

2/28 – Dawn Navejas (Noticing and the Output Hypothesis: Insights from eye tracking)

3/7 – No formal meeting

3/14 – Chung-yu Chen (The acquisition of Mandarin by L2 and heritage speakers)

3/21 – No formal meeting (spring break)

3/28 – No formal meeting

4/4 – Kelsey Rademacher (Parent-child book sharing and oral language skills)

4/11 – Sara Fernandez Cuenca (The effects of language instruction on L2 and heritage learners’ processing of the Spanish subjunctive)

4/18 – Eider Etxebarria-Zuluaga (Early-age school bilinguals’ acquisition of subject pronouns)

4/25 – Sara Fernandez Cuenca (How to involve undergraduates in research)

5/2 –  Noelia Sanchez-Walker (Comprehension of Spanish relative and passive clauses by heritage speakers and second language learners)


Fall 2017 SLAB Presenters and Topics (Wednesdays  at 3:00 p.m.)

September 20: Andrew Armstrong (Literacy Effects on Language Development and Sentence Processing)

September 27: Irati Hurtado Ruiz (The Acquisition of Dative Clitics by Spanish Second Language Learners Using Priming Methods)

October 4: Chung-yu Chen (SLRF practice talk: Second Language Processing of Mandarin Relative Clauses: A self-paced reading study) and Macarena Galvez (Gender acquisition in children)

October 11: No Meeting

October 18: Ana Galdamez (Subject-verb inversion in Spanish Wh-questions)

October 25: Andrew Armstrong

November 1 and 8: No Meeting

November 15: Kelsey Rademacher (Effects of Parent-Child Interaction During Book Sharing on Bilingual Children’s Oral Language Skills)

November 29: No Meeting

December 6: Macarena Galvez

December 13: Eider Etxebarria Zuluaga (The production of subject pronouns in early school age bilinguals)

December 20: TBD


Spring 2017 SLAB Meeting Topics

February 13 – Semester planning meeting; Update on virtual reality (VR) and SLA project. Dr. Silvina Montrul

February 20: Presentation by Chung-Yu (on Mandarin aspect markers)

February 27: Presentations by Anna

March 6: Presentation by Dr. Francesco Romano: The role of syntactic complexity and type of input exposure in knowledge of L2 Italian clitics

March 27: Elicited Production Task with Children: Bego and Laura

April 3: Presentation by Silvina (GASLA) (on Spanish gender cues) and by Laura

April 24: TBD

May 1: Mothers and Children project (Maca)


Upcoming Events

Multiple departments connected to the SLAB lab will be offering SLA-related lectures and presentations. Please view department pages for full offerings. The following is a sample of lectures that may be of interest:

  • SLATE Graduate Research Symposium: Thursday, May 3 (Reading Day), 2018

The symposium will feature lectures by two distinguished scholars in the area of Second Language Acquisition: Professor Kim Potowski (University of Illinois, Chicago) and Professor Kiel Christianson (Illinois, Educational Psychology). There will also be two poster sessions during which graduate students in SLATE will present their current research. For more information, see the SLATE webpage <>.


Past Events

  • The Heritage Language Research Institute took place May 22-25, 2017, at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign.