Ongoing Events

Weekly Spring 2021 SLAB Meetings – Wednesdays at 11 a.m. – Zoom  

Interested students and researchers are welcome to join Dr. Silvina Montrul and collaborators in discussing research happening in connection with the SLAB lab. Current projects include work on child L2 and heritage language acquisition, gender cues, and differential object marking.

Student members of Dr. Montrul’s group include Andrew Armstrong, Laura Cummings, Eider Etxebarria, Irati Hurtado, Dawn Navejas, and Elias Shakkour.

For information about joining Zoom meetings, please email

Spring 2021 SLAB Meeting Topics (Wednesdays at 11am)

2/10: Aylin – Relative clauses in child heritage speakers of Turkish in the United States

2/17: (break)

2/24: Laura – Phoneme Production in Spanish – English Bilinguals

3/3: Shuju – Modeling L1 transfer effects on L2 sound acquisition — A case study of L1 Mandarin and L2 English

3/10: Francesco – Code-switching attitudes and their effects on acceptability judgment tasks among Italian-English interpreters and translators

3/17: Andrew – Text exposure and language development in Spanish heritage speakers

3/24: (break)

3/31: Eider – The development and acquisition of Spanish and Basque subject pronouns in children and adults

4/7: Ander – The bidirectional acquisition of coarticulatory vowel nasalization in Spanish-English bilinguals

4/14: (break)

4/21: Sara – The Influence of Language Typology in Multilinguals’ Language Learning Strategies

4/28: Irati – Investigating the relationship between priming and language change

5/5: Caio – The Spanish of Bolivians in São Paulo: an exploratory study

5/12: Martine – Knowledge and Processing of Resultatives in Heritage Spanish

Upcoming Events – TBA