Nugget #3: Use ClassTranscribe

Use ClassTranscribe for improved video accessibility and I-Notes
ClassTranscribe is a new experimental video platform developed by faculty and students at the University of Illinois to provide a more accessible and inclusive video learning platform that requires minimal (often zero) time from faculty. ClassTranscribe provides accurate captions as well as other accessibility features for every lecture video. Additionally, existing lecture videos can be used to create equivalent digital books, known as I-Notes, in epub and pdf formats – providing a new learning pathway for students.

ClassTranscribe works with existing Mediaspace and Youtube channels. Email with your questions or course information (e.g. Mediaspace channel and course number and section). ClassTranscribe is free to use, we only ask that you provide feedback to help improve it!

Dig Deeper:

An Accessible and Inclusive Video Player

The ClassTranscribe video player has many additional accessibility features for students: magnification, brightness and contrast adjustment, color transforms, descriptions, and support for different caption languages. ClassTranscribe also has UDL-based review features for students including a searchable transcript of the video and dictionary definitions of key terms in the video with links to learn more. Check out this in depth walkthrough of all the accessibility features in ClassTranscribe.

Use ClassTranscribe’s I-Notes to provide a new equivalent learning pathway for students

ClassTranscribe can automatically create digital textbooks known as I-Notes from your recorded lecture videos and transcript. I-Notes serve as a one-to-one equivalent version of your lectures so that no matter which format students prefer, they can all learn the exact same content. I-Notes include additional accessibility features including alt-text for images, screen reader compatibility, and automatically generated glossaries. Here is a tutorial on how to make I-Notes.

If you have questions about how to adopt this change, want to report problems in your effort to implement this change, or want to get more information, please email the SIIP UDL and Accessibility Group.

Thank you for your interest. If you found this tip helpful, please share it with your colleagues!

See you again next week!

-UDL and Accessibility Group