Nugget #11: Schedule with a Course Calendar

It’s a good UDL practice to make use of a calendar and scheduler to help students stay on top of due dates, deadlines, and progress through course content. With these tools, students will have better learning outcomes and experiences.

If you use Canvas as the learning management system, use the built in calendar to make all the deadlines and important dates explicit for the course. This will result in better time management because the calendar for students spans all their courses on Canvas. Make use of the export of the calendar by “Calendar feed” to a Google calendar so that students have the alternative to manage their courses. Course staff office hours should be added to the calendar for the students as well.

Writing announcements as reminders for important dates is another good practice. Set the announcements using the time scheduler in advance on Canvas so that it is managed systematically.

Some fun facts

  1. “Provide a course syllabus that clearly identifies all course requirements, course expectations and due dates” has been identified as the 1st strategy among 9 UDLapproaches in the study by EnACT.
  2. Students check the deadlines very carefully and they are quick to find mistakes such as deadlines falling into a spring break.

Dig Deeper

Research on Calendar Tools

Interested in doing more research on course calendars? Check out this paper:

  • Mei, J. (2016). Learning Management System Calendar Reminders and Effects on Time Management and Academic Performance.

Check out Google and Canvas Calendar Guides

To learn more about organizing courses with calendars, check out this guide on Google calendars to familiarize yourself with its capabilities and this resource for Canvas calendars to implement the tool in Canvas.

See you again next week!

-UDL and Accessibility Group