Alison C. Dunn – director (CV) (Google Scholar Profile)

Twitter: @tribo_tweets

Current Students:

Md Mahmudual Hasan – PhD candidate, hydrogel contact and tribology

Nabila Ali – PhD student, soft material friction

Nusrat Chowdhury – PhD student, hydrogel permeability and friction mechanisms

Md Habibur Rahman – PhD student, contact mechanics of rough surfaces and friction mechanisms




Chris L. Johnson – research engineer at a U.S. National Lab

Ph.D. 2021

Shabnam Bonyadi – applications engineer at Anton Paar USA

Ph.D. 2020

Jiho Kim – assistant professor at Hongik University, Seoul

Ph.D. 2020

Yaswanth Sai Jetti – PhD student in Ostoja-Starzewski group

M.S. 2021 rail tribology

Lihua Wei – PhD student at University of Toronto

M.S. 2019 insect tribology

Hao Fu (Foundry Methods Engineer at Harrison Steel Castings Co.)

M.S. 2019 rail tribology

Michael Atten (Regal Development Program in Engineering at Regal Beloit)

M.S. 2017 hydrogel wear and surface properties

Prabhakaran Balasubramanian (mechanical engineer at LobePro Rotary Pumps)

M.S. 2018 wear of steel in combined rolling and sliding

Enrique Chavez Villalobos (FEA Analyst at Katcon)

Ruben Esparza (Product Development Engineer at Navistar)

graduate independent study on contact mechanics, Fall 2015

Erik Reale – (Smith research group) M.S. 2014-2016, “Poroelasticity-driven lubrication


AJ Aguero, Martiza Murillo-Hernandez, Piya Kapoor, Grace Smith

David Xu, Helen Jo, Sukrit Patwardhan (2019)

Kavita Desai, Chenghao Duan, Honglu He, Tabare Torres, Jingfan Zhang

Ahmad Abdulla, Hannah Ahn, Sherveen Masghati, Kevin Niedzwiecki, Liying Peng

Visiting PhD students:

Chao Wang (2018) – Chassis Brakes International Germany GmbH