New paper: Latching of the click beetle (Coleoptera: Elateridae) thoracic hinge enabled by the morphology and mechanics of conformal structures

When you see these images of the beetle peg morphology, doesn’t it make you wonder about the contact mechanics? Us too! In this work by Ophelia and Lihua, we describe how the snap of the click beetle is enabled by the rigid peg. But we also say that the contact mechanics matter. So interesting how […]

TWO lab members selected as 2019-2020 Mavis Future Faculty Fellows!

Preparing for a life in academia has many aspects, none of which a single mentor can adequately cover! Illinois offers 30 students throughout the Grainger College of Engineering a fellowship and two semesters of workshops and assignments to cover more of the bases; it’s the Mavis Future Faculty Fellows Academy. I’m ecstatic to report that […]

Congrats to Lihua on his poster award @ TFC 2018!

Professor Dunn, Lihua, and visiting scholar Chao had a great time in downtown Chicago for the Tribology Frontiers Conference organized by Dr. David Burris from the University of Delaware. Professor Dunn presented Prabhakaran & Hao’s work on wear of hardened steels — take a journey under a train to get a feel for it. Lihua […]