Transition to Fall 2021

So many things are changing around here! I’m excited to jump into this new semester with new teaching spaces, new students, and renewed perspective. Look for some announcements in the coming weeks, but generally, things are looking up. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Everyone in the group is fully vaccinated! We can work in confidence (even if we are still required to wear masks). We even had a lunch outside last week.

  • The College of Engineering and MechSE in particular are opening up new teaching spaces that will allow for innovations in learning: the Campus Instructional Facility or CIF (\’kif\) and the Sidney Lu Mechanical Engineering Building. So excited for these fresh spaces.
  • We’ve cleared old equipment out of the lab to make way for new projects.
  • Chris is working to defend his dissertation soon, and Nabila has joined the lab. Welcome!
  • I start this semester with a new title of Associate Professor and Andersen Family Fellow. My biggest thanks to my colleagues in supporting me toward this exciting new phase!