List of Currently Valid Oriental Therevidae Names


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  • Lyneborg, L. 1986. Genera of Therevidae new to the Palaearctic Region (Insecta, Diptera). Steenstrupia, 12(3): 61-71.



Irwiniella sauteri (Kröber, 1912)
Irwiniella vittigera (Wiedemann, 1828)Phycus
Phycus argentiventris Brunetti, 1920
Phycus atripes Brunetti, 1920
Phycus brunneus (Wiedemann, 1824)
Phycus kerteszi Kröber, 1912
Phycus nitidus van der Wulp, 1897
Phycus obscuripes Kröber, 1912

Psilocephala argentea Kröber, 1912
Psilocephala bakeri Kröber, 1929
Psilocephala bigoti Lyneborg, 1975
Psilocephala ceylonica Kröber, 1912
Psilocephala conscita (Walker, 1862)
Psilocephala cylindrica (Walker, 1848)
Psilocephala frontata Kröber, 1912
Psilocephala indica Bigot, 1889
Psilocephala javana Kröber, 1912
Psilocephala lateralis (Eschscholtz, 1822)
Psilocephala obscura Kröber, 1912
Psilocephala sequa (Walker, 1852)
Psilocephala sequens (Walker, 1852)
Psilocephala vittigera (Wiedemann, 1828)

Thereva bilineata Brunetti, 1917
Thereva brunettii Hollis, 1964
Thereva flavolineata Brunetti, 1912
Thereva hinu Hollis, 1964
Thereva indica Walker, 1852
Thereva kempi Brunetti, 1920
Thereva nivaria Walker, 1852
Thereva persequa Walker, 1852
Thereva praecedens Walker, 1857