Theory Seminar — Spring 2024

This semester, Theory Seminar meets weekly on Mondays, 11-12 am Central (Chicago) time, in Siebel 3401.

To receive updates, subscribe to the theorycs mailing list. If you are interested in giving a talk, please email Michael A. Forbes (miforbes [at] illinois [dot] edu).


January 22: Polynomial-Time Pseudodeterministic Construction of Primes. Hanlin Ren.

January 29: Fully Scalable Massively Parallel Algorithms for Embedded Planar Graphs. David Zheng.

February 5: cancelled

February 12: Locally Covert Learning. Ruta Jawale.

February 19: The Mathematics of Hiding Secrets in Software . Amit Sahai’s DLS talk at 3:30pm, Siebel 2405

February 26: Optimal Vertex Connectivity Oracles . Seth Pettie

March 4: grad applicant visits

March 11: spring break

March 18: Counting Unpredictable Bits: A Simple PRG from One-way Functions. Noam Mazor.

March 25: Commitments from Quantum One-Wayness . Kabir Tomer.

April 5: On Approximability of Satisfiable CSPs . Amey Bhangale

April 8: Approximating nonuniform network design via capacity-based tree embeddings. Rhea Jain.

April 15: Fourier Growth of Communication Protocols for XOR Functions. Makrand Sinha.

April 22: Randomly Punctured Reed-Solomon Codes Achieve the List Decoding Capacity over Polynomial-Size Alphabets. Zeyu Guo.

April 29: Parallel Derandomization for Chernoff-like Concentrations. Mohsen Ghaffari.